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Well apparently this company is still at it despite all the complaints and lawsuits. I am now on their list of suckers.

I have been being charged 16.99$ every month since December of 2012. This was my over site when checking my bank statements, thinking it was gas station or some other store I may have been. Then I saw it this month and looked into it because the dates didnt jive with my purchasing activity. I called the 800 290 8603# on the charge.

I got a recording saying welcome to Greatfun call back during business hours. So immediately I knew it was not good. I looked the company up on line and I could not believe the complaints and SCAM alerts. I Ran to the bank closed my account the next morning and reported it as a fraudulent charge.

As I waited to have my new account i tried calling the 800 # again and spoke to a man who said I signed up for a 20.00 rebate off of plane fare in November 2012 and that is when I supposedly signed up with this company. I do recall getting a one time 20.00 rebate, but thought it was from the Cheap O Air website where I purchased the tickets.I had no Idea I was giving away my banking info to someone other than them. I asked the man what was costing me 16.99 per month? I have not received any type of offers,discounts,or the like.

I never received any emails or statements from them letting me know they were taking money from my account. He didn’t say much other than I signed up for a 30 day trial in November. Again, If I did it was very cleverly undisclosed by them, and again never received contact by them notifying me I had a 30 day trial and it was up now they are going to charge me (that would have been nice information for them to share with me since they got my information in a very sneaky way). So the bottom line is I paid 101.94 for a 20.00 discount on plane fare.

I learned a huge lesson be alert and pay attention.

I hope they are closed down soon. I would also love to get my 100.00 bucks back glad I caught it now.

Review about: Tlg Great Fun Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $102.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #650071

I almost clicked on the fun rebate but decided to google it. I'm glad i did.

thanks guys and good luck

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