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This company has been charging my card for 4 months. When I called 877-763-4140, they told me that when I went online to Fandango to purchase movie tickets, I authorized them to charge me a monthly fee.

Not only did I NEVER do this, the woman on the phone tried to get me to stay as a member!!! They will also only credit back two months worth of charges. I have to fax them a letter stating that I want the other two months credited as well. Amazing, all I did was buy movie tickets!!!!!!


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I also used Fandango ack in Jan of this year, and my card debit card started getting charged last month. Two charges in Sept for $11.99, and one this month.

I contacted them, and the first *** I spoke with kept trying to get me to keep my membership, he also stated they could not refund me since I signed up. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and I was routed to Anna who stated he was not even checking the right account. When she found my account she quickly stated she would cancel and refund me this will take 10-15 days.

This place is a total rip off, and I am now going to fandango to leave them a very nasty message for sharing my info. :(

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