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My friend has the same issues generally as everyone else. He received a phone call from a certain number and they told him that he would receive 4 gift cards from 4 different companies.

The lady told him that he was going to be charged $4.95, that was for the shipping cost for the total of a 100 dollars in gift cards. The lady was reluctant to answering his questions and was in a rush to get off the phone with him.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the money back, that this company/companies stole? And also it is possible to press charges or get these people to face criminal prosecutions?

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to have these people face charges you would have to locate them and have real names..and because they say their name is mike and sound like they work at 7-11 i doubt you know the name.its not impossible to sue these ppl and it is illegal for them to lie about this and yes they could face jail time for false advertisment but the likely hood is slim to none.basically theres 5 KEY things you will get from a true company and they would be more than happy to give it to u if their legit, if their not they wont.if they wont answer ALL 5 of these questions they are a scam.keep in mind of these tools when paying anything over the phone.

1. persons real name

2. company website

3.company name

4.company location

5.if they say you can go to jail for a debt they are fake.NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCE

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