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I have a complaint about tlg great fun. Unaware of what it really was for about a year,they have been taking money out of my checking account.

I have had to pay numerous of insufficient funds. I called them to have them cancelled. It did not happen. I think it is a sad thing for this company to get your information and automatically deduct it from your account.

I feel that they should not have the right to this. The situation has caused me over 400.00 dollars of insufficient funds.

I am totally unhappy about this problem. They need to be stopped

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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me too. I lost 12.99 every month for the past six month by this scam.

Just reported to the Bank and to cancel my card. Why the Government did not act fast to this company despite numureous of complaints?


Just checked my account TLG was taking 11.99 out of my account,thank god I watch my accounts:(

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