The following information is worth reading, if you want to get your money back.

The Today Show finally answered my curiosity about a $12.99 charge that I first noticed on my Citi credit card. This is the card I use for nearly everything I purchase with a credit card. Unfortunately, there are too many charges.

The Today Show revealed that the company paid a $14 million dollar fine for deceptive practices when the CN State Attorney General sued them. The Attorney General appeared on The Today Show and said they were still investigating the company and want them to stop their deceptive practices.

The Today Show reporters said it is important to read the small print when ordering online and to check bills and credit card statements. I thought that I was very good at that, but missed this one, so it must have been cleverly designed. Probably the best way to avoid similar "discount" offers is to always say NO!

As soon as possible, I checked my April 2008 statement where I first noticed the charge and sure enough found out it had the cryptic initials buried in it "GREATFN". This might be hard to search for on a computerized search since it is part of a much longer string of characters starting with TLG* and including your "account number" for this outfit.

I only found out about an "account number" since the recording answering service told me where to look for it on my credit card bill.

The representative was polite and offered me a one month "rebate" and "cancellation of the service." Only then did it occur to me to ask if they had charged me for other months. I then found out they have been charging since November, 2007! That is about $130!

The rep. said he could only order a "rebate" of $12.99 with a check being sent to me. He would not refund more, so I asked to talk to a supervisor. Next, he told me the supervisor authorized him to refund TWO payments. I asked to talk to her personally.

The supervisor, Tiffany, also polite, said she would be able to refund FOUR months of payments or about $52.00! However, she said I would have to write to the company for any additional claim.

Even thought the company HQ is in CN, she gave me this address to write to: Support Services, PO Box 6100, Westerville, OH 43086. You can imagine what that means. I group of clerks, probably earning minimum wages, trying to keep up with a flood of mail on various topics. The chances of anyone out there having authority to refund anything seems pretty slim to me.

My plan, at the moment, is to write, as instructed, and also to research more to find out the name of the CEO in the HQ. in CN. The company has a different name, that was shown on TV, and I recorded the show. I will also write to the Attorney Generals of Virginia, where I live, and to Connecticut. Probably, I will write to the BBB and to the FTC, as they are always interested in large scale schemes like this one.

Finally, right next to the April charge for Great Fun is one for HRYNFHOO for "fees" in the amount of $4.95. I have to research that one as it appears to be another scheme to bilk millions of dollars from consumers and probably from the businesses who deal with these thieves. Also, it appears that my problem started with the ORBITZ.com web site and was connected to an airline reservation I made. I ORBITZ does this still, I won't be buying any tickets through them and will complain to and about them, as well.

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