Make sure you check your statements! This one is a real crook!

Did not authorize this charge and have no idea how they got my information. They have not provided me with any services and I have no idea what that would even be b/c I did not contact them. Cash only will be my policy.

I can't believe this has happened and I have no clue howit did happen only when they called they said I was on a Priceline website and checked a button which I did not!!I s know one thing I will never use Priceline. and would others not to b/c they are working with thieves...

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1085302

Yes, I've been getting billing on my card for $19.99 for a membership I never agreed to, I had called to get my balance and got routed to these people and since they had my card number and I did listen to their spill, refused but still got charged.

They are crooks!


stop taken off my or i will get a law suit on you last warning i will report you to credit card company


I think i've figured my situation out. I had attempted to buy one of those toy Air Hogs, which i eventually cancelled my purchase with them.

Great Fun is one of many of their boring advertisements. I think somehow i mixed myself up with them. I called them (866-584-2461) and they said I had enrolled with them and some other stuff about a $50 gas card. The representive was useless and i eventually cancelled my "membership" with them.

Hope you fix ur problem with them and make sure u cancel! later


Same here! They made a charge of $14.99 to by DEBIT card! this is ridiculous and i will make sure this charge is taken off my account.!

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