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It appears that I'm not the first, nor will I be the last, that TLG Great Fun rips off! I entered a NME Magazine exchange sweepstakes and was enrolled into several programs (Great Fun being one,) automatically. A few days later, financial tragedies stuck and I wasn't able to complete the payment obligations.

NME, and the other companies, DID remove me from their billings. However, I just opened my Jan. credit card statement, and found a $14.99 debit for TLGShopper. I had no idea what this was until I did a little research online, and found that it is TLG Great Fun!

I cancelled Great Fun, online, the same day that I cancelled all the rest - or so I thought! This company is a total RIP-OFF, and I AM PISSED!!!!!

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5 Sep 2011

I forgot to mention this folks. File a complaint with documentation such as your bank statements and send them to the State Attorney General's (SAG) Office in Florida.

I will be doing this this week. The BBB is ok but for real action, you have to go to the SAG to get this type of stuff dealt with effectively.


5 Sep 2011

I found two fraudulent charges of $16.99 on my Chase Bank credit card dated 18 Aug and 19 Aug 2011. Chase is refunding me and cancelling my card. I ordered a magazine subscription through NME Magazine Exchange and because my credit card was new, someone at NME gave out my number to place these two charges from TLG. I am cancelling my order with NME also.

Don't trust either of these two companies.

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