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I got my credit card statement in the mail and I noticed a charge that I didn't make. I called the number next to the charge (TLG) and supposedly I had signed up for a trial offer I didn't know about.

I supposedly signed up for it from Priceline.com. It was a 30 day free trial that I didn't sign up for. I never received any paperwork or sign up package stating that I had signed up. I called TLG and they had NO problem refunding my money.

It's BS that I didn't sign up for anything ,but because I used Priceline, I supposedly got a free 30 day trial and then they charged my gredit card.

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I just made a purchase at Priceline.com. At the end, if you click on accept (for your purchase) you are actually enrolling in Great Fun.

It is very deceiving, but I fault Priceline as they have to get some kickback for this. This happened one other time, when I did not notice it and ended up paying for a couple of months. Like others I never received the Great Fun package...they did send it after the complained and cancelled.

Their program does not have much that I am interested in and most of the discounts can be gotten for free (like bradsdeals.com or other coupon sites). We have to be vigilant so these sleezy companies do not take advantage of us!

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