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I saw this charge on my BOA credit card on 11/18 and cancelled the card for the second time in 3 months. I did not give my expressed informed consent either time.

I routinely charge to netflix, itunes, and virgin mobile and will now stop using all 3. Suspect that TLG*Great Fun stole or bought from one of these. I do not use any travel sites at all. Anybody else notice anything similar ?

If anybody has there corporate address for Attorney General complaints, I would be more than grateful.

Please send to your AG, the state of the companies AG, and, as

well as responding to your credit card companies written response address. Short of that, all you can do is cancel your card ?

Monetary Loss: $149.

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Oh...look on your bank statments for their 800# and then call and get the address or google it. Im sorry I cannot remember their parent companies name.Good luck


Same thing happened to me they got my atm card somehow and charge 14 months @ $9.99..I called their 800 # and sent a letter, and Told them I was aware thier parent company Tri____ something (forgot name of parent company) has been involved in multiple calss action suits!.I threatened to take this to the District Atty...and after sending the letter, the refunded my money crediting it back to my checking act. I had to change my ATM card and report o my bank!

Slime balls! they said I answered some questionniarie and gave them permission to charge it to them for their membership..ugh! They said it was some business (I think my airport parking company I use)...scarey!

but try a letter and change your bank acct. #.Someonel else told me they got this *** membership somehow thr thier bank (Bof A) for signing up for soemthing thru thier bank..that is REAL SCAREY!

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