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TLG shopper & TLG Great fun IT BIG SCAM THEY HAVE MULTIPLE COMPANY NAME YOU CANCEL ONE ACCOUNT AND THEN THEY DEDUCTED FROM ANOTHER Company NAME $19.99.It so frustrating the only way to stop this to cancel your debit card.

We should contact BBB or who every deals with this scam and but this thief's out of business because they hurting people who do not the capability to defend them self.

If i did not check my checking account everyday i will not have caught.If have this same problem please call them i have this number for one them Great Fun 1800-290- 8603.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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:( :( :( :( :( one pissed off man at these people.first it was tlg great fun and now tlg shopper.

I called to "cancel" the first account that was taken illegally and now they hit me again with the same charge under a different name.crooks,thieves, scam artists.


I also thought that I canceled my account 3 different times that didn't work so I cancelled my card they contacted visa and got my new card number and charged me again so now I'm going to try to go to the bank to cancel it this is rediculous


i just check my account now and they get 19.99 from me .... so they were totally a scam ,,, its good that i checked my account online ,,,, *** that TLG :( :( :( :(


TLG shopper and TLG Great fun are same company?

I was charged from December last year without notice, so I did not find until now. I called TLG shopper, then he told me the cancel number and send the post mail, but refund will be taken time for 3-4 weeks. I called TLG Great fun, but only voice message.


I purchased tickets from ticketmaster in November and when I received the tickets there was a mail-in rebate for up to $20 back and I called the number to receive it and they asked me to sign up for TLG Great Fun for $1 and then I could cancel at anytime to avoid further charges.I thought I would try it out for a month and only realized after that it was a total scam.

There were only five restaurants in the area where I could use my Great Fun card. I was not satisfied so I cancelled my membership in January. I looked at my bank statement today and was charged $16.99 from TLG Shopper. I was very irate and called Great Fun and they informed me that not only was I signed up for Great Fun but was also signed up for Shopper as well.

They would not even refund my money, all they said was " Oh we are so sorry you were confused," I WAS NOT told about TLG Shopper.

DO NOT EVER sign up for this piece of *** company.I have a confirmation email and number that I cancelled all charges, if one more charge shows up on my bank statement, I am taking legal action.


Should I call the company and if i do did the charges actually stop for you guys??? i just cancel my debit card and get a new one?


I just happened to check my bank statement and found several bogus charges on it, including a charge from tlg.I dont even know who they are!

I called and was told that my money would be refunded immediately. I will be checking my statements and if i am not refunded, i will file charges.

I also bank with chase and wonder why they arent checking into these fradulent charges, especially since quite a few of thier customers have had the same complaint.Maybe i should take a closer look at chase?


I just got a charge of 21.95 from them and called the number on my statement which was 1800 526-4848 and spoke with Joe (operator ID: 1037862) and he canceled the account and issued a full credit of my money. so i will keep a look out on my statement and see if i either get a refund or more charges and let you guys know what happens.


when you call MAKE SURE that you get their operator ID number all companies have to issues one to each of their phone operators this is federally mandated by the FCC so if they tell you that they don't have one then ask for a supervisor if the call is disconnected while transferring you to the super then file a formal complaint with the FCC and the BBB ( keep in mind to file a BBB complaint the company has to be a BBB member).

I used to work for the FCC so all of this information is accurate as of this writing.


they suck they have taken a total of 80.00 last year and i s till have not gotten all my crdits back i call like everyday!


They took 19.99 out of my account on 01/11/12and then on 01/1312 they took out 19.99 again how is bull **** how do I get it to stop now my account is negative and I have to pay to get out of the negative

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