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i am being charged $12.99 and i don't even know how they got the information but i want them to stop charging my account. every time i try to call the phone number it is busy.

they are a bunch of you know whats

TLG who are they and how do they get the information and where are they out of and also is there another phone number that i can reach them at or even another website. has anyone else ever dealt with this company the government needs to step in and charge these companies with fines every time that take money out of our accounts

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Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1178540

This company is a credit card scam. Just watched a video on YouTube!

Never give credit card info over the phone!!!!




Are there any other sites people know of that this can happen with?? They have been charging my account for 16.99 for quite awhile.


I've been charged $12.99 from cashing a check from eCampus also. I got them to cancel the subscription this morning after FIRMLY stating that I don't want to continue the subscription (three times).

He could not/would not refund the four months I've been charged, but told me I could send my request to: Support Services, PO Box 6100, Westerville OH, 43086-6100 or FAX to 800-964-8115. I hope that works.


I just noticed the same charge. Never signed up.

CitiBank lady says when my son ordered books through eCampus, he may not have UNCHECKED a box signing up for this TLG subscription. We all know how unethical this is, but it isn't "illegal". Shouldn't there be a law prohibiting this? Call your Senators and Representatives.

No more business for us with eCampus. Shame on them.


My credit card operator ended up calling the company and I was able to talk to someone who actually spoke English. She told me that I was charged because I cashed a check from ecampus -- this is true.

I unknowingly cashed a check without reading the dumb fine-print because I had total faith in ecampus that they wouldn't sell my info. (not anymore). Anyway, I asked the woman from Great Fun if she could cancel my subscription and she said "yes" after trying to sell the company repeatedly (it's her job afterall so I don't blame her).

I then asked her if she could refund me that $12.99, and she said "yes." Keep pushing for the refund, guys!! If you're lucky to find someone who actually wants to help, you'll get your money back!


I was charged $12.99 a couple days ago; I just called them...a woman with an accent who sound like she was in India answered in a kind voice. I told her that I was charged $12.99 2 days ago and had no idea who the company was.

All of a sudden, she said there were technical problems with her computer, she apologized for the inconvenience, and hung up on me! Who are these people??!! How did they get my info???! Trying to dispute the charge with my credit company right now and then I'm changing my credit card number.

This is ridiculous! Btw, the number I called was 866-383-4171




They have been charging me since November, 2009. I called them today, and the guy was not in any way helpful.

Does anyone know how they got reimbursed for all these charges?


Ok, so I also can be added to the people who have been scammed as I did not sign up for this either and had a 11.99 charge against my credit card. I will ge reporting this to the Feds as this is to me a case of "fraud"


beware of TLG was activated thru this site when browsing

Got thru to TLG Great Fun from the phone number on my credit card statement.

they said they will refund my money and stop charging me. If they dont, I will push towards cancelling my credit card.


How did you guys get this taken care of, I contacted the credit card company and they say they are working on it but that was two months or $26.00 ago. Plus who are these people?


Glad I didn't sign up then! I called Super 8 and they trasfered me to this TLG company and offered my $20 off my hotel stay and $20 free gas and all I had to do was pay $1 for a 30 day trial then continue or cancel for 11.99 a month but I asked to talk to my husband and i called them back they wouldn't sign me up.

I was very confused they were so pushy in the 1st call and the second I was ready to sign up and they told me to wait for something in the mail. So then I looked it up and found all this about them scamming everyone so I'm glad they didn't let me lol!!


They just hit me for $11.99 and said i had signed up for it through priceline. This is bull@#$%. What can I do about it?


these people are some of the most retarded scandilous people in the world........i mean in the WORLD i called to cancel and they tried to sell it back to me did the honostly think that would work? FU***** IDIOTS!!!

Dameron, Maryland, United States #24905

TLG Great fun is also now charging my account.. i have never mailed in a rebate..

been on or anything.. i dont even shop online.

So how could they have my information? This has got to stop!

Sudley, Virginia, United States #15674

the number i used is 1-800-285-5903

George, Western Cape, South Africa #12008

I go hit with the same thing. This is an old scam in a new wrapper.

remember the days of $15 checks in the mail form the phone company. but if you cashed it they would switch you and you could not switch back. Great Fun did this to me cause of a hotel stay that came with a $30 rebate, which I never sent back but that is how they do it. if you applied for a rebate from a company they partner with you will instantly get charged.

I call my bank told them and they stopped my card and sent a new one and started a fraud investigation. I suggest everyone get their banks involved they are much bigger than we are.

And dont fall for any more rebates, unless its a brand new car :-)!!!! good luck to everyone.

Scott Depot, West Virginia, United States #11423

the number for great fun is 800.242.7771

i just called and got through...not that big of a hassle. its some kind of discount program that they push on you on you probably signed up for it and just forgot, like i did

Bluefield, West Virginia, United States #11254

I as well am being charged 12.99 per month. Anyone find a phone number for TLG?

Kingston, Washington, United States #10989

They are charging the same to my account. What exactly are they? How do I get it to stop?

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