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Here is the scam: they have their telephone boiler room calling you at home. The hook is something for nothing. In our case, $50 of free gasoline and a "savings kit." You supposedly will save all sorts of money going through them. If you say yes, they supposedly send you a gas card and discount cards and coupons, etc.

They then give you 30 or 90 days to call them back to cancel the monthly "membership fee" which is "conveniently" charged to your charge card.

How they got our charge number is a mystery, because we NEVER sign up for anything that requires us to later cancel---for exactly this reason.

When they finally get caught by the person being defrauded, they agree to remove the current month charge. Meanwhile, they keep all the money that they screwed you out of in the past.

You know that their boiler room people get paid by them number of people they "sign up." How shocking to think those people would lie to get more money. A legitimate company would have a third party contact you to veryify the transaction.

These people are crooks --- pure and simple

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