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I haven't recieved my credit card in the mail yet and I was being charged $11.99 from TLG Greatfn. I called them 1-866-584-2461 adn spoke to someone in India who said I signed up when I purchased a ticket on

I then asked him how could I buy a ticket online with a credit card that hasn't been activated yet, he then says "so you would like to cancel your membership then". I asked them were his office was located he wouldn't tell me, how can any company just charge you money, and they do it in little sums so they think you won't miss it.

*** off consumer

Review about: Tlg Great Fun Membership.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Here is another umber for those *** holes: 1800-290-8603


They have charged me $120 over two months! When I finally noticed (I don't usually read my online statement, I just make my automatic payments) I pretty much was, what's the term, PISSED!

I called my bank, reported fraud. They said this company got my number validly, but that they were obviously misrepresenting themselves and would dispute the charges (one of which was pending).

This they did, and canceled whatever membership I supposedly had and I got my money back! Yay.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #145563

Why is my credit card being charged for the last two months? I beleive it a scam and I want it to stop or I will be forced to seek other wats and means to stop it now.


this is quite a rip-off they get u thru a travel site and wheres the fun in having ur money takoen from u!!!!!!!!!!


I found a charge for $11.99 on my recent statement too. Also 4 charges to USA-People-Search that were not mine.

Luckily People Search checked these out on their own and found they were not authrized and have taken them off my acct.

Kudos there!

This was through my debit card which has now been cancelled. Check ALL unknown purchases!!!!!!!!!!


That's how they got me for 2 years!!!

I was so naive for not checking my statements more carefully!

Any solutions?


same happened to me today. such ***. what a scammy company.

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