I did not order,nor do I want this !!! It appeared on my credit card and has been cancelled for the second time today.This is a rip off bill that unobserving customers are not aware of.Warning to anyone using credit card on line-these charges are being slipped in under the radar and should be banned.

Then the people get nasty with you when attempts are made to cancel this so called service alledgedly being provided.

Why are the banks allowing this and is there a kick back to them? The whole thing smells like old dead fish!!!

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The same thing almost happened to me. I took the survey and at the end read the blurb about charging my credit card.

I called them straight away and told them to cancel my B.S. "membership". They did so, with no trouble. Although they keep sending me a "check" for $25.


How nice of them ! If you experience this, DO NOT cash their check unless you wish to endure excruciating pain in your rectal area!

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yes you did authorize the charge - you were not paying attention when internet shopping. The disclosures are there- take the survey or the $$ off offer and you signed up - when you chose to do either of them

The Today show did a piece on these a few months back and discovered that all the websites they visited had full disclosure that no one bothered to read.

The only way to avoid them - is to not take the survey or the $$ off offfers.

When you do that you give them permission to charge your for it

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