We too are being charged $11.99 monthly, but we do not know what for. It started appearing several months ago on our Mastercard bill and I just assumed the kids ordered something, but they did not.

Our computer picked up a virus last week, so we lost everything anyways and now we do not want any games. I do not have any receipt or order number in my records that we ever even ordered anything from this outfit.

We expect our "membership" to be cancelled and not be charged anymore.

Cris Erwin

14101 Boundary Rd.

Richwood, Ohio 43344

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I am being charge 14.99 a month through my account and have no idea what it is and what it is for.


I also have a big problem with these people they been charging 11.99 monthly and i havent sigened or join any club or whatever, pse report that to the FBI


i have been getting $12.99 taken out of my account every month and dont know for what. I WANT IT TO STOP!!!

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