i never purchased anything from TLG*GREATFN and have been charged $11.99 last week.

i immediately called my bank and put the charge on dispute and they will change my debit card.

i checked this company's name on the net and found that many people complain about that after they used cheaptickets.com. i used the same site to buy a travel ticket last summer. i dont know if all that is related.

the bank credited back my account with the disputed amount and i am waiting for the new card. so beware of all these scam and check your statements or online accounts

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Cordele, Georgia, United States #106236

they've been charging 11.99 twice a month, i wasn't too sure what this was cuz we use our credit card for online stuff. when i changed my visa card to a new number with the same company, this charged followed it to the new number. don't understand why that happened.


I have been charged $12.99 a month becasue of www.overnightprints.com. i signed up for a 20% discount which for whatever reason gave them permission to charge my credit card.

it's amazing, when i went to google them all that came up were fraud and ripe off websites about this company. i couldn't find a real website.

i guess it's some car rental company. F*** THEM!


I have been charging for U$12.99 for several months in my credit card.I live in Brazil and my credicard company (Mastercard International)told me to find it in Google and contact them to cancel it.Please, I saw a 1800..nbr that I will try to contact...more ideas are very welcome...thanks.


I just checked my credit card transactions and found this comapany charged me $11.99 last 4 months. I could not check more than 3 months of transactions on line so not sure how long this company was charging me.


WTF ::::::::::::::::this greatfn is really peaced off me.....they charge me 11.99 since 12 months.......i am gonna get this money back anyhow,,,,,,,,,i m not gonna let them go for playing with my account and money....


I dont know who the Heck your company is and Im being charged $14.99 a month and I dont appreciate one damm bit. But I will turn this over to the Business Bureau and hope this wil put a STOP to it!


GREATFN charged me $11.99 for 4 months then my bank locked my account. Only then I foundout this charge.

I never knew about GREATFN. These guys are Fraud. When I called these guys they said they will refund the money..

I am waiting for it.

They said they got my credit card from Priceline.com


:( Yup, they got me too. No refund but at least I got the darn thing canceled. I should have checked my credit card statement earlier!


They also charged me for about 11 dollars for some months and I don't know TLG* Greatftn. Can someone help me to cancell this illegal charge? I am living in Mexico


Hi everybody.. the number you have put on the page leaves me with the same answaring machine.

So all the numbers is to the same place.

They also charged me for about 11 dollars. I think there most be something we can do like somebody allready surgested an action lawsuit behaps.


If you order shoes from Footsmart.comyou will also get the GreatFN charge. I also called Footsmart they did admitt they were affiliated with GreatFN and have recieved multiple complaints...

hmm can you say kick back!! Class action sound good to me!!!!


Call this number to cancel them and get a refund. These acts should be illegal. 1 800 290 8603


Just got charged 14.99, i\I never bought plane tickets!!! I have no idea who these people are, what the "Product" is.

I canceled the "membership and I am hoping to get my money back, this is my grocery money, now I have to wait 7 days to go. I am glad I put a few $ away last month, I have 2 teenagers, how can they sleep at night?????


I don't know TLG Greatftn; never bought anything from Pricfeline, Cheap Tickets, etc. I'm rethinking shopping on line if this sort of thing can happen. How much money has this company made on people who don't check their credit card bills?


Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom #66197

i just notice that my credit card has been charged $11.99 for 2 months.....

Who is going to stop this??

they are making money from a lot of people for free. :(

Is a new way to steal :(

Brimfield, Indiana, United States #65656

I have been getting charged by these *** heads for a few months already. I think I got it from a Priceline add to save 5%, what a bunch of scammers! Their number is :


In case anyone sees these charges on their credit card.


I just got the same charge from GREATFN but I never used cheaptickets. I did, however, use priceline recently.

Any connection? Next time time I buy airline tix, I'll pay the extra to go straight to the airline


in cont. of TLG*GREATFN letter below.

The number is wrong I have happy fingers. 800 214 6422.

If you have any problems with them take this skam site to your bank and tell them you weren't the only one this happened. They will deal with it and you will get your money back.


Thank you Kellen for the # which is by the way 188 214 6422. TLG*GREATFN is a scam and if it shows up on your statement call them right away and tell them I did not ask for your member ship I know you are a scam and I want my money put back into my acount with 7 business days or I will take legal action against you.

They had no problem and gave me a cancelation # even.

We will see. :roll

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