i never purchased anything from TLG*GREATFN and have been charged $11.99 last week.

i immediately called my bank and put the charge on dispute and they will change my debit card.

i checked this company's name on the net and found that many people complain about that after they used cheaptickets.com. i used the same site to buy a travel ticket last summer. i dont know if all that is related.

the bank credited back my account with the disputed amount and i am waiting for the new card. so beware of all these scam and check your statements or online accounts

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $11.


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I just found out TLG has been taking 11.99 from my account from a Priceline purchase in 2008. I called 877-488-9480 and the operator told me as soon as i told him i didnt know why i was being charged he told me he would refund me 2 credits (I guess thats 2 months) and gave me a fax # to send im my request for a full refund since i never recieved any infomration about being signed up for TLG. The guy was nice, so thats cool, well see what happens with the refund.


Thanks you so much you guys for all your postings.I too have been scammed by these thieves.

For over a year I have been scammed out of 12.99 per month out of my checking account, never signing up for it, and wondering where is that internet security everyone is taling about. I called my bank who could only get 3 months back, Monday I have to file a police report, then I will call the FBI local chapeter.

Then I will take all three phone numbers to GREAT FUN and I call and call and call.If there are any other suggestions, PLEASE POST !!!!


Im working with a Bank and i kept on receiving lots of complaints about this merchant named TLG. it seems like its a monthly charge. I was so pissed.

Coral Springs, Florida, United States #196134

I recently realized the same issue.From what I can tell its all legal though clearly deceptive an unethical in a lot of ways.

Turns out, its from a purhcase my wife made on PRICELINE and she clearly did not read something closely. I called GreatFN and I had them discontineu the service. They of course tried to talk me into keeping it and all the reasons why but ultimately it was not hard to get cancelled. They easily told me the source of it (purchase from Priceline.com on xyz date).

I did not bother with screaming and asking for money back, I belive they are flying under the legal radar so there is no point and its a good reminder to be diligent about finances. HOWEVER I think its good to get the message out about sites that partner with them...so clearly I will be sure to tell everyone about PRICELINE.com partnering with these guys and I personally will never give PRICELINE.com another penny of my money.

F#&@ them.PRICELINE is to blame in my book as they exposed me to the predators.


Great Fun told me I applied for the great fun card when i purchased a ticket from priceline.I have never ever applied.

I guess it was hiden somewhere in the ugly purchasing ticket process.I hate PRICELINE.


I am furious with both TLG and Chase.My 83 year old mother has been paying her Chase Mastercard on time every month even though SHE HASN'T USED IT IN A YEAR.

She does not have internet on her computer, let alone would she be interested in any TLG related offers. My mother stopped using her credit card after the amount reached $1000 and planned to pay it off. She is hard of hearing even with hearing aides, and it is difficult for her to read small print even with glasses. She did not pay attention to her credit card statement and was reluctantly paying it every month.

She finally told me that her card is now maxed out at $3000 and she doesn't even know why. My mom had been paying these "TLG" parasites every month believing she would get in trouble if she didn't. She lives in a rent-controlled apartment building with not a dime to spare and these people are taking her money for services she never even received, let alone signed up for. This is a sickening world.

I can't even wrap my head around the fact that even after a class action lawsuit for $25 million in 2006, these people are still getting away with this. And I have just recently found out that Chase is in a relationship with TLG (formally called Trilegiant) and allows them to charge their innocent customers for absolutely nothing.

I'm appalled.Someone needs to do something about this.


This also happened when I booked on priceline.com.


Got charged 11.99 on my debit card.Immediately called the bank and had card changed.

Called 866 number and go the runaround. Said they would discontinue service. I said what service you jerks. Let me talk to the manager.

Got put on hold and then dropped. A**holes! I wonder how many millions they've gotten on this charge your card and give you nothing scam.

Next step call Connecticut police.I don't know but I think they are tied in wiht a cheap magazine subcription scam as well.


i got in this scam so i am told by confirming some email. i saved this piece of junk mail for some reason...anyway i called 877-488-9480 and cancelled. Had to cut the *** sales pitch off tho - TWICE!

Good luck!


I filed a complaint with the BBB,with the company I ordered with to begin with and the FBI for credit card fraud. The more people that demand they be shut down the better chance we have of shutting them down. They did offer the whole refund when it came through the BBB.

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