i never purchased anything from TLG*GREATFN and have been charged $11.99 last week.

i immediately called my bank and put the charge on dispute and they will change my debit card.

i checked this company's name on the net and found that many people complain about that after they used cheaptickets.com. i used the same site to buy a travel ticket last summer. i dont know if all that is related.

the bank credited back my account with the disputed amount and i am waiting for the new card. so beware of all these scam and check your statements or online accounts

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I am also in the list of people their account has been debitted by TLG. I am ery down becaue of this. please let me know the way to escallate it further.


TLG has been charging my card for 18 months and I was too busy working 2 jobs to notice! I finally caught it only because I new I had my card paid off.I called the 877 number and they told me I was automaticaly signed up on footsmart.com when I ordered shoes.So beware of ordering on line.


Wells Fargo or one of its partners was the one charging me without my knowledge. Apparently I had agreed to this at some point when I logged into my Wells Fargo online account.

It figures that my bank would be looking for new ways to steal my money!


I am so pissed too. I have never realized that I am paying this amount since October 2009. I don't even remember I purchased anything from them.

I want to join the group too if you are filing for a lawsuit.


Yes, I was *** too; I haven't checked the charges on my account for months. Now I check them all every month.

It's probably fruitless to ask for a refund but it is worth a try...

but not from the scammers. Your card company might be nice and help but the scammers will just move on to the next *** that doesn't check their account.


I am the victim of this company too. They have been charging me since Oct, 2008 without my authorization.

If you guys start a class action law suit or know some info about it, please post here and I want to join it too.


What about this with TLG, are the most fraudulent. Is there someone to stop them?

They charge me $ 14.99 each month and my card is from Mexico.

Where you have to report them? Let´s do somenthing.


seriously, we should start a law suit to this company. I also just called and got my cancellation#, they won't return my money that has been charged for the past 5 months as they said they do send me somthing from Great Fun.

The thing I remember they ever sent to me is their company cheque that says if you deposited this particular cheque you will be entered the membership of GreatFun. And that's why I never deposited those cheques in oreder to avoid being a member of them!!!

I am soo *** up now :( :( :( if it is the reason they can't return my charged money, I must sue them!!!!! :( :( :(


This TLG GreatFN charged my credit card $12.99 monthly since Jan. 2010.

I never did anything purchase from this guy. This is a stealing.

We must sue them. They are from CT.


That's what happened to me I do belive that cheapticket.com is selling our credit cards! That is not fun especially when they have been doing this to me for about I dont know 5 months and I just relized it!

But they have been charging me $13.99 so I am trying my hardest to get my money back! When I called TLG*GREATFN they said that they can give me a 50% coupon to a resturant but will not return all the money I have lost!

I never ordered a service from them so I dont expect them to charge my account!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to resolve this!?!?!?!?!


:( That is what Happened to me. It has been at least 4 monthes since they started to charge me.

I thought the first few was something I ordered but now I realized that I didnt even take out my credit card this month!! I AM SO PISSED OF!!!!!


Another angry customer. I just cancelled with GREATFN through my bank. I didn't order anything from them, either, but I kept getting charged 12.99 a month. I couldn't reach them to stop, so my bank did. GREATFN said they got my name through a transaction with AVON -- a purchase I had made for my daughter. GREATFN said it was from a request for product sales. I am to be reimbursed for the months they charged me.

GREATFN's telephone number, should you need to contact them is:


I'm happier now.


The SOB's have gotten me on multiple occassions. This is ***. What can we do?


esta compania este tremendo robo por meses me combraron cargos sin servicio no se dejen llamen a este numero y hablen *** los manegers 8002908603


Me paso lo mismo me han cobrado por un año US11.99 esto es una estafa increible. Lo unico que recuerdo fue haber comrado en Price line un hotel.

El codigo que aparece es TLG*GREATFN y un numero. Estafa INCREIBLE

Paulista, Pernambuco, Brazil #113236

I called and was given a confirmation # cancelling only to find same $11.99 on the following month's statement. Another call, same results.

So I called the bank. We cancelled my credit card and then reissued with another account number - problem solved. Or so I thought. This month, they're back!

Another call, another confirmation number and promise to refund my funds, another call to the bank who says they can block transactions via VISA as this violates ethics regulations. Anyone want to start a class action law suit?


OK.... I was planning on closing my checking account and took all my money out and this crazy TLG bill came before I could close my account and now im charged all this crazy overdraft fees on top of this 11.99!

We should sue. I just dont think anyones going to do anything about it.


Same here! I was charged with the same amount for the past 3 months when I'm oversea!

I was even charged for late fees! The bill I spent on international call to resolve this is probably more than my statement itself.

So why aren't the credit card company aware of this?? FRAUD!!!!!


This TLG GreatFN charged my credit card $11.49. I never did anything purchase from this guy.

This is a stealing.

We must sue them. They are from CT.


This TLG GreatFN charged my credit card $11.49. I never did anything purchase from this guy.

This is a stealing.

We must sue them. They are from CT.

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