i never purchased anything from TLG*GREATFN and have been charged $11.99 last week.

i immediately called my bank and put the charge on dispute and they will change my debit card.

i checked this company's name on the net and found that many people complain about that after they used cheaptickets.com. i used the same site to buy a travel ticket last summer. i dont know if all that is related.

the bank credited back my account with the disputed amount and i am waiting for the new card. so beware of all these scam and check your statements or online accounts

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $11.


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Hows this my card had expired in April and not even activated and I am still being charged for something I never signed up for. If this doesn't get media exposure than we will all get screwed. Please somebody scream it out loud to the Media.


Contact your bank or credit card co. They all know about this, and will remove those charges---unfortunately you have to find out about it after the fact.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #578850

:? VERY PISSED!!! $16.99 a month. Who are these people?????


Tlg GreatFn has been taking $16.99 out of my account every month for 3 months and I have never done business with them.lo i tunes has been taking various amounts of money out of my account.

Check your statements really well, we are being scamed.:cry

to Teresa Stanhope Greenville, Rhode Island, United States #587018

I have absolutely no idea what this charge is!


I did not do anything , they charged me 16.99


I am just realizing I've been scammed for almost $200 to these ***


These bas*ards charged over three years to my elderly mother's credit card, and the charges weren't found until she got sick and I took over her books.

It seems as though these acts are criminal and we should have some legal recourse to put an end to these practices.

Does anyone know how we can go against this company legally and stop these practices?


I didn't buy any thing

And I got charge $15.99


I just found out I have gotten these same charges from this TLG ***.I never sign up with these people.

The first thing tomorrow I'm calling my bank and getting my stuff changed.

the good part is they have olny gotten $2.oo out of me.I want let them get anymore.

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