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Just this month my husband ask what I had purchase for $9.99 over the last 3 months and I search out TLG GreatFN and found that this company was just charging us $9.99 for no reason. I will call my credit card company and have this matter cleared up.

I feel that Cheapticket and Buy.com sold my credit card number and allowed an out side company to steal from us.

Both of these companys have lost our business. We need to warn everyone that this is happening from these companys.

I never purchased anything from TLG*GREATFN and have been charged $9.99 for the past month. Their phone numbers all end up with a recording that the lines are too busy to answer--call back later--then it hangs up. I believe this connection came after my use of cheaptickets.com--the company above owns them.





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Yes i very upset about the company, still money easy, they charged 12.99 for something i never orden. OMG do you believe!!!


I am being charged $12.99 a month by TLG GREATFN. I have never authorized these charges to my account. I can't believe that I didn't catch this sooner.


I was just looking at my online bank statement and noticed a pending charge from TLG GREATFN76266160JUN for 12.99.I've been doing some research and found out it's a scam, but the thing I'm wondering is how I became a victim.

I've never used Avon, cheaptickets, or buy.com..

these websites seem to be the culprits.I called up my bank last night and the issue was quickly resolved, so we'll see what my statement looks like next month.


I only realized this month that I am paying $14.99 every month since Oct of 09 for this company for the purchase of something I don't even know.

I read a lot of complaints here... and I am wondering why nothing is done for this *** company... why they still exist anyway?


holy *** ***.i just realized they have been doing this to me for the past 21 months.

$11.99 a month. omg.

can i get my money back somehow?have people been able to do it?


Same situation here, except I'm in Afghanistan and can't call an 800 number. I see no one has posted any way to get this off other than cancelling the card account?


Like the above people my husband has also been charged $12.99 a month for the last 3 months. He had problems with them since 2006 on two previous credit cards, which he had to cancel due to these fraudulent charges. I was wondering if anyone had any success in getting their money back and how did they go about it.


The same thing happened to me.I can\'t even call today due to their \"offices\" are closed.

I\'ve been getting charged 11.99 for 7 months.

I\'m tired of these scams.Anyone have luck getting charges reversed?Thanks


I consisently check my bank account with the execption of the past 5 days where I have had no reason to.So this morning after a pretty fun weekend I thought you know I better check and see what is going on in the cash department.

I was shocked to say the least at a $12.99 charge on my account from a TLG*GREATFN I thought to myself TLG*GREATFN for sure you GREATFD me out of $12.99 I contacted the banks customer service right away and I am hoping to have this matter resolved quickly. However the problem here is I am not sure how the got my card number because I have not purchased anything on the internet since an airline ticket close to the first of december on travelocity.

So I will continually check my account and make sure there are no more withdrawls from them.I will post back and let people know if the bank refunds my money and makes sure there are no more withdrawls from TLG*GREATFN87161295JAN


The charge came through priceline and I am being billed for the last past 5 months. I will file a dispute with my credit card company

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