This is the 2nd time I have had to cancel my credit card because of this *** company. The first time they billed me 2 months @ 8.99 per month for some *** fun thing, TLG Great Fun.

Now I'm seeing a transaction for 129.99 from them for TLG Complete Home. I have again had to cancel my credit card. What the ***? Can't we stop these jerks?

Cowards don't even have a website as far as I can tell. Does anyone know anything about these guys, how to get ahold of them?

We need to put a stop to this kind of action!

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I norticed they were charging 12.99 a month. I called my bank and they said I had to call the company.

(BOA) They said it was my responsiblity to get in touch with the company. I called. They said I signed for a free digital camecorder.

I know I didn't! I asked for a copy and they put me through a mail voice and they will get back to me in a few days.


:( I am pretty diligent with my checking account. I don't keep a running record because I know how much money I have, and I don't let any bills come out of it automatically, no direct deposit, etc. something comes out of or into my account, I better have authorized it. That being said, last night I was skimming through my statement and noticed a charge for 13.99 occuring monthly for the past 7 months. for *WF COMPHOME with a bunch of numbers, confused I called- wells fargo said they didn't know the name but had the # and put me through to the company.

"Allegedly" I either responded to direct mail or wells fargo would have enrolled me "with my permission". I know for a fact the neither of these things happened.

First, I'm a college student, there's no WF here and I haven't stepped foot in a wells fargo in almost 2 years,nor have I enrolled in any awards program or any other services other than my checking/savings account. Second, I don't receive any bills so I don't even check my mail.

This is bull.

I have never heard of this company, still don't really understand what the &^$# their service is other than ripping me off, not giving me my money back, and NO ONE will tell me how I was enrolled in this service.

All I know is that this company stole almost 100 dollars from me, and I didn't benefit one bit from it, nor did they ever make me aware of the services I could utilize. It isn't a lot of money, but 100 dollars is how I eat for a month. Furthermore, it's the principal.

Today, wells fargo and complete home are getting a good cussing, and I'm closing my account and going to a credit union.


Just noticed a 9/6/2011 charge From TLG and a 9/27/2011 charge from TLG again, one from Complete home and travel on my HSBC card. I disputed on line and called.

The representative said something about a check. I stated several time, I don't use the card, but for emergencies and I know better to not cash a check received in direct mail or statements unless it was from IRS or the State Lotto. I repeated myself several time and ststed that this was an unauthorized transcation, fraud and I wanted to cancell the card.

She immmediately transfered me to a supervisor who discussed it again with me, I kept my demenor and she said she would credit my card and dispute directly with the vendor. She also didn't want me to cancel so I said go ahead and re-issue another card and if I find more charges I will cancel it.


I am young and just now trying to earn credit so I can get loan for frst home. I was advised to get two ot three secured ccs to start earning credit which has worked thus far but note that "First Premier Bank" is also sending out offer of "free fifty dollar Walmart gift card" with enrollment in "completehome" but has disclaimer stating they r not affiliated with nor sponser nor endorse "completehome" and has wal-mart disclaimer to same effect.

This made me curious y these reputable companies would advertise for something they seem to know has a bad name! Thank God for google search engines I would have tried it if it weren't. For these comments!

Thank u everyone this does work and sorry for your troubles! Hope they have to close up from bankruptcy due to settlement on class action!


Their phone number is 888-245-0387. They charge yearly so you have cancel any fraud as they will bill you yearly.

Call and ask for a supervisor and tell them to put in a serpresion to take all your contact info off their company records, billing, address, credit card number and name.

They by law have to do this so you will never be contacted by them again. IF they do you can press charges.


I've been being charged 11.99/month on a card that I NEVER EVEN ACTIVATED!


Oh and before yelling SCAM, people read before you sign


All you people are idiots.. You can't do anything about this, because they've spent millions on making this airtight and completely legal.

Oh and Fred, youre an ***, because if you had chase then that means you signed a little check for a few bucks through one of your chase statements, saying that if you cash or deposit that check you will be enrolled with the program.

How can you be so ***, it says so in 12 size font right on the check above where you SIGN. Idiots


My bank signed me up automatically for thi. I called and cancelled.


Your experience with Great Fun/TLG scam can help a class action building against Trilegiant. Can you join me and contact Freed & Weiss to share your story?

It’s easy and quick for you. They need to hear from consumers who have gone through this directly.

Here are the details:

Trilegiant Scam: HELP STOP IT!

Trilegiant is behind more consumer abuse. Take action and contact Freed & Weiss - info @ freedweiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or call, toll free 866.779.9610

Here's more information:

Customers of websites like 1-800-Flowers.com, Travelocity, Shutterfly, and Orbitz (to name only a few) are reporting mysterious monthly reoccurring charges to their credit cards.

Thanks to marketing tactics (i.e., those pop-up windows) used during check out, without proper consent consumers are accidentally joining club memberships and having to pay for them monthly!

Other tactics include bogus mailings of checks, text messages, and automated marketing when you call to pay a bill by phone.

Most people don't even realize they are being charged every month for a service they never ordered!

PLEASE CONTACT FREED & WEISS IMMEDIATELY if you - or anyone you know - has reoccurring charges after purchasing from any of these companies.

Email: info@freedweiss.com

Best regards,



I got a letter in the mail from my cc company Wells Fargo. It advertised a

free Digital Video Camera for signing up for the "CompleteHome for Wells Fargo Customers" program. I thought it looked good but decided to search online to check how legit it is. Well I am glad to have made that decision. I am so sorry for all losses incurred by everybody here. We must make this issue more public.

1) When writing about this issue make sure to include the program as a phrase like I did, exactly as it is printed. This way people will hit it more readily in internet searches.

2) at the end of your comments on any blog make keywords with cc company and program name as I will lower in this message.

3) beware of class actions advertised online because they could be secondary scams (I am just speculating on this).

And finally lets figure out all credit card companies who send this out with their letter head and get out of their cards. No matter what. Pay it off and close account, balance transfer whatever you have to do. They all deserve to suffer for this garbage.

Keywords: Wells Fargo Scam. CompleteHome scam. Digital Video Camera scam. Video camera wells fargo scam. CompleteHome Wells Fargo Scam. Wells Fargo CompleteHome digital video camera scam. Wells Fargo digital camera. Complete Home digital camera.


I found a website for these crooks: completehome.com (one word).They are owned by a company named Trilegiant Corp out of Stamford, but it is a Deleware corp.

They took $159.99 out of my elderly parents account.

My father had a stroke 2 years ago, my mom broke her leg in April.

What kind of *** feeds on the elderly and physically disabled? I'm keeping an eye on this for them...they have no idea what kind of mess they're in for!!!


I just noticed a $14.99 charge on my CC from 'Great Fun.

I called them up, cancled automatically but they still charged me.

I looked them up and found plenty of sites who say this thing is a scam.

I called up my CC company and told them I was being scammed and they put me on 3way with 'Great Fun.

They told me that when I ordered from Miles Kimball this christmas that I automatically signed up for some rebate thingy.

The first guy sounded like he wasn't going to refund me for the 4 MONTHS they had been charging me. I threw around words like fraud, illegal and even found online a class action law suit against them that I threatened to join.

I asked to speak to someone else and got Michael Wright who promises to refund everything within 2 months.

If 2 months passes and I don't get it all back I know who I'll be calling...

Michael Wright at 800 290 8603 and I WILL join that law suit and bring them down!



All u people who have gone through this nightmare I feel sorry 4 u,BCOZ I my self work for 1 this company in a outsourced location.It seems that even we have been mislead BCOZ we have been told that its a legitimate business & all our customers all-ways have the option to not 2 be charged by canceling the membership,but reading all this i feel its not true I think this is a serious issue which needs to be addressed HOW CAN SOME 1 RIPOFF ITS OWN PEOPLE ?? & THAT 2 FOR SO LONG ??

WHAT KIND OF LAWS DO U HAVE IN UR COUNTRY THAT PERMITS ALL THIS ?? I HAVE DECIDED TO QUITE THIS COMPANY ASAP.Good luck with ur quest but remember every1 is involved in this.


I'm dealing with the same ***. I'm trying to pay my credit card off and all of a sudden I have a balance on the card again...knowing that I didn't use the card I took a look at my statement.

These friggin people charged me $74.99 and have been charging me $74.99 for three months now!!!!!! I called the company and basically got NOWHERE at all. They refused to refund my money.

I want to rip my hair out and beat the living *** out of these people! HOW THE *** IS THIS LEGAL!?!?!??!


Five months of unauthorized charges to my CHASE credit card from TLG-Great Fun. I canceled my account with Chase today and will never knowingly do business with them again.

Have filed complaint to the Texas Attorney General Office. You would think the class action settlements would finally tell Chase and Triligent to stop the deceptive practices.

Chase totally unable to tell me how I got hooked in this. And I certainly don't have a clue.


i have been hit twice as well. There will be a class action suit filed w/in the next 30 days.

Join the suit and bring the company and owners to their knees. There will be an online way to become class membe.


I cashed a check that I thought was a rufund from Clothing company 'Sahalie' for $5.00, then $129.99 was charged to my credit card, by complete home, my credit card say;s they have my authorization, as I signed, Sahalie say contact Complete Home, whose phone id always busy. Think I will go to T.V consumer program about this, cancel my card.


would like to beat on their *** head with a boston-blackie for takeing money from my account,12.99(2) TIMES.


would like to beat on their *** head with a boston-blackie for takeing money from my account,12.99(2) TIMES.

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