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On 9/08/09, 0215 EST, debited my account for $149.99. I do not know who they are nor have I had any business dealings with them. I tried to contact them 10/03/09 when I discovered the fraud.

I was balancing my checkbook against my bank statement & discovered the theft. After searching for them on the internet, I found out they have done this to many people. Something has to be done about the company's illegal activities.

I will continue to contact them and also the better business bureau in CT. Their phone number is 1-800-290-8603.

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checked my acct and found the great fun charge.called them and found it was tagged to a PRICELINE purchase.

got my money back by threat of BBB + others. co. is in the phillipines from the call i made.

those kind of businesses need not be allowed to operate here.they are lower than pond ***


Be sure and go to your bank and they will help you get your money back. You only have a short time to do this so DO IT NOW.


this is clearly unauthorized and sounds like fraud. So please contact not just the better business bureau, who are not the law.

Contact your state attorney general's office, and report this crime. they should investigate the company and if they find fraud, they should prosecute. this is needed to curb the growth of this kind of scam.

on the other hand, you might check to make sure you didn't do business with one of their subsidiaries. It could be that the name on the credit card statement is the one they use for that but could be a different named enterprise of theirs. Which is dumb but they might have done this.

good luck. the sooner this junk is beat back the better.

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