I requested to TLG Great Fun that the $11.99/mo. billing to my Visa account be stopped last June 2009, and it was not. I requested again a refund/credit for services I did not authorize, and no credit has been issued. I have no choice but to file a complaint with my local County Attorney and the Texas Attorney General's Office. Below is the fax which I was requested to send for full refund. That refund or any kind of reply has not come. I am therefore filing a disbute with Visa on the charges.

May 14, 2010

TLG Great Fun,

Fax (800) 964-8115

Attn: Jennie

Cabella's Visa contacted you recently about a billing to our account over the last year that we did not authorize. We were billed $11.99 per month for the last year. We requested that this be stopped, but it continued. Upon contacting you, Visa was instructed that we were to fax a request for the full refund. We were told that the account number is 15624991. We never requested the service or product and never used it; whatever it is.

Please refund our Cabella's Visa account.

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