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TLG Great fun debited my checking account $12.99 without my knowledge. Beware of this on-line scam.

I had ordered business cards from Overnight.com and had put the order on my debit card. Some promo popped up from Great Fun. I kept trying to get out of it. They said that when I clicked on it that I signed up for a membership and they took my debit card # from my order with Overnight.com.

I had no idea until it shows up on my on-line banking. To get it taken off and discontinued, call them at 1-877-488-9480. Demand a refund and a cancellation.

You have to be forceful with them. Good luck.

Review about: Tlg Great Fun Membership.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Same issue, different amount. I cancelled the membership in May.

In June they charged my credit card. I disputed the charge and the amount was refunded. In August there is another charge. I called them and they asked for my verification number?

I did not have it immediately available but I am SURE I cancelled this garbage in June. I asked them to email a confirmation number and they said they did not have the ability to email. Really? In 2018 you cannot email?


I have recorded the confirmation number and have NO plans on paying the last charge. Watch out for this one!


I noticed this recurrent charge of $16.99. Backtracking they got my information when I purchased a ticket for SPIRIT AIRLINES.

to Alex #1521236

I was lucky to only have the initial $1 charge from two different TLG memberships. This post narrowed down where they came from. Thanks.

to Alex #1575494

Same for us...shuttle ride home from the airport!


yup. Didn't even know where it came from


Just saw a charge from them and was like.... I have no idea what you are.

looked online and saw this post, called the number that you posted and was able to figure out how/why they got my info- I stayed at a hotel ONE night and during the reservation call they passed me off to two other phone numbers to get some kind of rebate, I was busy and just wanted to be done with the calls, and forgot all about it. Come February they charged me $16.99 US, and then again this month for $16.99. I managed to get this month refunded, but they would not refund the first payment. If you ever see TLG Great Fun, in your charge history, Call that number and dispute the crud out of that.

They will try and tell you all the benefits you receive (all of which require you to mail in a rebate) are worthwhile and that you will save up to $130 a year by using them- that's not counting how much they charge you monthly, and that's only if you are ACTIVELY sending in rebates.

You'll be in the hole $204 a year if you let it go on unattended. Take care of it ASAP.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1342372

I just disputed 4 transactions since March with this company that shows up as TLG GREATFN on my bank statements. They were taking $15.00 a month and I didn't even notice it was a scam until googling it. Thank you all for the comments!

to Anonymous #1452783

Do I dispute it through credit company? They said I agreed but I did not agree and just noticed it today


Me Too. I was scammed of R89.99 (South Africa)

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1223823

I have been charged 19.99 a month from our bank. I asked my husband if he knew anything about TLG GREAT FUN he said no.I knew there was something wrong so I called them they said they were gonna take us off. I sure hope they do.


I never check my account statements. I was unknowingly charged 16.99 per month for nearly a year.

I called the bank and told them these were not legitimate charges. They said I would have to contact the company that made the charges (TLG*Great Fun). I blew it off and just had the card canceled. Again, I never checked my statements.

I just checked and realized TLG*Great Fun has refunded my for ten months of 16.99 charges, totaling about $169!

What a pleasant surprise! I don't know what happened, if my bank contacted them or if they got in trouble with the law and was forced to refund the people they've scammed or what but I'm glad I got my money back.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1209738

I've been really busy with work school and family health issues so I hadn't been as attentive to my credit card charges as I should have been. Apparently I was automatically signed up when I wanted a rebate for a car rental last August.

When I called the customer service I cancelled my order and demanded a refund. I was told that I was not elligible for a refund. I requested an email confirmation of the cancellation but was told that the company does not allow emails.

At this point I was livid.

I told the operator that everything I've found on the internet about this company was a scam, and she immediately offered a 2 month refund. I told her that wasn't going to do it for me and asked to speak to a supervisor. Then she counters with telling her she can offer me a 4 month refund for the 16.99 I've been getting charge for the past 6 months. She then directs my call to her supervisor.

The supervisor insists that I can only receive 4 months credit. I ask again for some sort of statement from them whether it's an email or letter by mail of my request and tell her I think it's absolutely ludicrous that they will not offer and physical proof of my cancellation. The supervisor told me I should be getting the email in 10-15 business days.

Total scam, but I was able to get $68 refunded at least.

I'm sure if I kept at it with the supervisor I could have gotten more of a refund.

They know they still make money off of a 4 month refund regardless, and I'm sure they could have given me at least a 6 month refund at that. In any case you have to be firm and demanding, if not ***-ish, to get anything back from them.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1202142

I bought tickets from Ticket Master and apparently somehow signed up for this ***. I received a call from this company confirming the member and I asked them to cancel it right away.

4 month later I realize that I've been charged every month 16.99. I called this company and asked to cancel my membership once again and refund the money.

They refused to refund all of the charges at first but then they said fine. This is another scam designed to charge people for services they did not want.

Elgin, Illinois, United States #1191698

my allegiant air line trying to get me roped in on this trash. slimy money pigs charging for every thing on a plane ticket then they send me to this farce .

i wish we had a gov. that would stop this scam.


I didn't even realize that i was getting charged on a monthly basis since July until I paid off the balance of my card. Luckily it was with Chase and right now they are going to file "fraud" and dispute every single transaction!!! Almost $200!!

Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States #1160336

I just called and cancelled with no additional questions, but I will watch my account to make sure they do not charge again to my cc.

Manokotak, Alaska, United States #1141173

I've been getting these online charges as well and don't know how or when I signed up to get these charges! I want to know how to get rid of these charges!


Thanks for the advice. I did have to fight for the refund. Appreciate you sharing.


So annoyed. I signed up for them to receive a credit towards my flight on Allegiant.

I could cancel at any time. I called into cancel a month later and the man tried to stop me. I said no and that I wanted to cancel but he never did. I then look at my statement 8 months later and there is a charge again.

I called in and was super forceful they finally gave me a cancellation confirmation and refunded my money for only 6 months.

IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM. Make sure to get a cancellation confirmation number.

Norwalk, Ohio, United States #1092814

They charged me twice in one day. Both at $16.99.

I had to call, and be forceful.

The lady kept telling me about my benefits with my membership and that I was not eligible for a refund. But after continuing arguing she cancelled and refunded.

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