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TLG Great Fun has charged to my credit card each month. When I asked them, they said that I signed up for their service.

I asked what service, they could not tell me. I never signed up for their service, as I never heard of them before. My credit card company told me it might've happened when I made a purchase from another company on the internet.

So, next time when you make a purchase on the internet, beware of this company showing up on your billing statement! They charged me $11.99 each month, but it adds up after months!

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Join a building class action right now! Contact Freed & Weiss.

Your experience with Great Fun/TLG scam can help a class action building against Trilegiant. Can you join me and contact Freed & Weiss to share your story?

It’s easy and quick for you. They need to hear from consumers who have gone through this directly.

Here are the details:

Trilegiant Scam: HELP STOP IT!

Trilegiant is behind more consumer abuse. Take action and contact Freed & Weiss - info @ freedweiss (dot) com (No Spaces), or call, toll free 866.779.9610




It is disgusting, their parent company Triligient- has had class action sutis filed against them..write them and ask membership be cancelled and demand a refund! cancel your atm/credit card and report fraud to bank.

I wrote the letter and told them I was aware of the class aciton against their parent company and Iwas gonna contact the district attorney if they didnt refund my money! I told them I never wanted this membership and dont know HOW they got my ATM #...they said it was from a questionire I filled out from where I use airprot parking...what I dont rmember that or anything like that...Write them and demand a refund.

I did and a month later I got all 14 months @ 9.99 credited to my bank account. it is scarey and some have had it (ive read on the internet) have had it charged by soemthing connected with thier BANK(something their bank signed them up or charged them for)....if you cant trust your bank--who can you trust!@##@$*&^!!!






SEE ALSO, complaintsbnoard,com

This is a horrible scam perhaps involving millions of dollars and many unaware individuals. I am just now trying to discover how much mony they have taken from my accounts. Go to the above mention website to read more. Apparently they have been doing this for several years. Can this be considered a crime against seniors?? Mail fraud?? Or?

The people that are involved with this should be prosecuted then made to repay everyone either with double refunds or the removal of a body part....or both!


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