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$129.99 is what this company charged to my account.I had NO clue who or what they were.

I looked them up and found only COMPLAINTS, like the many listed here. MANY numbers are listed I picked one 1-800-272-7771, and my call was answered quickly. I explained that I DID NOT authorize this charge and had no idea who they even were. He kept telling me I bought a "membership" by depositing a check sent to me in the mail.

A very cleverly designed check that looks like a rebate check from a online bookstore or "ecampus". Apparently the fine print states you are buying a memebership. I beleive they have other methods as well. Regardless, I beleive it to be a misleading scam.

The guy could not tell me anything about the company or my membership.


Review about: Tlg Great Fun Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $129.


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I just got a charge for $19.99, then I noticed I had another charge for only $1.00. My bank is now investigating but that means I they had to close my account to reopen a new one. Thanks TLG or whomever the heck you are!


Got ripped for 500.00 mysel.Called 1-800-298-4930.

first operator is a just a wall you have to climb right over and get to a supervisor. Supervisor will tell you signed up by accepting some rebate with fine print bla..bla..bla.. tell them you have done your research and believe you have been decieved along with many others by the company and are willing to enlist the aid of legal counsel. The supervisor is authorized to refund 12 months of debits from your account.

you then request to be connected to the presidents office to request remaining refund. you may have to leave a message restating your wants and intents.

I was called within 4 bussiness days by assistant to pres.(Anne) She willingly refunded etire balance.As a note, I was firm with all whom I spoke to but was never disrespectful and was treated the same through this proccess.


Do not call the number on your credit card. They will offer to pay you only 3 months back.

Call the presidents office number and they will refund the total amount. 1-800-298-1930

within 7 days.


same thing here but i have never heard of this tlg fun or tlg shopper !there is a class action law suit on them!

i called the said they would return money !this is bs i jioned the online class action law suit they have pending!


I had the exact same problem I was being charged 11.99 for 38 months, 12 of those months while I was in Iraq.So I called 1800-298-4930 and asked for Megan Baron.

I told her about the charges and she said it was because I accepted an agreement of theirs when purchasing tickets from priceline. I told her that the agreement is an underhanded buisness practice and I understand that they already have 2 goverment actions filed against them and that I know that Im not the only person with this problem and that I demand a full refund. She looked up the charge according to the descriprtion on my bank statement and looked up how many months they stole from me and said I would be refunded the full $455.

I made sure to get a confirmation # on the refund so if I dont get it in 7 buisness days I have something to go back at them with.The whole conversation took less than 5 min and I hope this helps everyone get there money back.


Just found out they ripped me off for 800 bucks. Claimed I "signed up" through Hertz. Never happened.

Grand theft and when I pointed it out she promised to refund my money.


Same thing happened to me.. Have no idea what the *** is TLG*GREATFN...got charge $19.99 for two months and My bank could do nothing.. BEWARE!!!!!!


Just found out I have been getting charged 12.99/mo for some travel club after I ordered Avon online. Unfortunatly, it has been going on for two years !!


Company told me that they would be sending me paperwork to join and a $150 gas card.Never received either and they have taken money out of my account the past two months ($19.99 on four different days).

My bank said that I could not refuse payment because it was preauthorized on my debit card.

BULLCRAP!!I get so tired of companies trying to make the extra buck and not provide anything in return.


I was told by Vicki that I had signed up for this "benefit" when I rented a Budget truck in Dec of 2010.I'm a slow learner.

I bought my truck from Budget and they dealt dishonestly with me back in 2009.

I know I didn't knowingly sign up for anything because I was unhappy with Budget for what they charged me verses what their ad on line said."Two strikes and you're out!!!"

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