Here is my complaint to TLG:

I noticed a charge on my credit card which posted 10/16/2009. I couldn't identify the purchase. I looked up your website and I am quite sure I did NOT order your discount service. I don't know for sure how you got my credit card number, but I remember getting calls at work (sometimes daily) from a company who knew I had a Union Plus credit card and wanted to offer me a special deal of some sort. I believe that company is yours.

I never did order, nor would I ever would order the "discount service" you provide. I regard services like yours as rip-offs. It's possible one of your off-shore phone pests mistakenly recorded my answer as "yes." That would be a generous assumption on my part.

Please reverse this charge against my credit card immediately:

10/16/2009 TLG*GREAT FUN 16128661 800-290-8603 CT $149.99


Dayton Ohio

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