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How they got my credit card number I don't know but they are charging fees to credit cards. I don't even know who or what they are so be on the look out for this company.

They are trying to steal money !!! Does anyone know how they can get a credit card number when you don't even sign up for this fake *** ??? How do you turn a company in for something like this? This is totally illegal and identy stealing let alone how do they get your account information.

And WTF is this GREAT FUN ? Please help if you know.

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Had the 119.99 charge on my credit card bill(Visa)----Here it is the credit card company that contracts Great Fun. They took off all but $14.84?????

Called back and was advised rest would be removed.

Said I cashed the elusive $5 check which I am careful not to do. It's not hard to figure out since when you endorse it there is a big paragraph saying the terms.

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