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I SPOKE WITH SOMEONE FROM TLG AT 800-290-8603, her name is Angela jeffrey, i told her if she doesnt put my money in my account i will make sure that i call my lawyer to confirm and have all the customer sue them for unauthorize infomation.

she gave me the address to send my request so they can give me all my money back.

Someone one purchased an airline ticket from hotwire, and use my credit card information.I was billed from june 2008 until december 2009.

we should do something about that all victims, THEY NEED TO STOP TAKING MONEY FROM PEOPLE ACCCOUNT who can we contact to adress that.

PO box 6100 westerville OH 43086

Fax number is 800-964-8115

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I had this same problem. Contact the Better Business Bureau, they will get your money back.

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