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I also was just "scammed" by TLG. In July 2009 I cashed an $8.25 "rebate check", from which I cannot recall the source.

On Sept 9th, my credit card was charged $149.99 by TLG. I called them and they said it was from the rebate check, but they couldn't tell me how they got my credit card number. My suspicions are that I purchased something online (e.g. flowers, books, etc...), and they got my credit card number from that vendor.

Once I cashed the check, the "fine print", which I ignored, had me enrolled in TLG Great Fun for a year's membership. I insisted on a refund of my credit charges, and they complied, giving me a confirmation number and the cust servic rep's name. They complied quite easily, possibly because of the many complaints and of a class action law suit. I then called my bank and disputed the transaction, stating that I never wanted this service, and had never received anything from my membership.

I then cancelled my credit card number, and had the bank issue me a new card. They assured me that the TLG credit would be carried over to the new number. TLG said that the credit could take one to two payment cycles.

We'll see! Lesson learned here is DO NOT CASH any "rebate checks", unless you know where they came from and have read all of the fine print, and even then, it may just be better to do without!

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