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This company is a crooked, CROOKED company!!!!! I just found a charge of $36.99 charged to my card.

I called 3 different phone numbers before I finally got a valid number. After a long, heated conversation, and also threatening to turn this over to the Police department for fraudulently charging my card, low an behold, they found my account!!!!! The strange thing though, they have an address and information from 4 years ago, but they have a card number from my checking account and debit card that was just opened in 2008!! Once they found my account, they found that I had actually been charged 3 times since September of 2008.

They say that they "will refund the entire amount due to me being so upset". Watch out using your credit card online people!!!!!!!

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I am also charged by this company for a year. I even do not know this.

how can this happen. they know my information.

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