Over the past serveral months I have been getting charges of $11.99 on my credit card by a company called Great Fun. Never heard of this company never recieved anything from them.

Turns out when I booked a trip with Priceline ,there was a fine print scheme that had this company Great Fun recieve my credit card info and bill me every month for $11.99. Supposedly I was to get coupons or something. Never did. Paid over $100 to this company though.

Looking around online it seems that there are many other people having this problem and talking to one of their representitives it didn't seem like this was out of the ordinary.

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Le Locle, Neuchatel, Switzerland #21278

I just got off the phone with bank of america... i tried to do a fraud charge with these TLG people. They said they sent me something in the mail i signed it and the only thing i did sign was a "cancel form," to cancel my ~$30 order to the topsy turvey upside down tomato planter thing.

It's all a trick. And the bank guy said i can't file fraud because they did it right!!!!!! I AM PO'ED!

AHHH! they wouldn't give it back! and i'm only 17 years old!!!

La Center, Washington, United States #16192

:( having the same problem but i got the corporate office address and number


100 Connecticut Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06850

Telephone: (203) 956-1000

get on the BBB web site and report them to get your money back they keep taking $119.99 from my visa

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