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I ran into this same problem last year THREE times and guess what they did it again. It has been almost one year to the date.

When I first called them they put me on hold for 10 minutes before I talked to a Rep. she then proceeded to tell me that their computers were in the middle of updating and that I needed to call them back in an hours. They tired to tell me that I authorized the charge to my card because I bought from Customer Direct in 02/08, which I DID NOT.

So, here I go all over again!!

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I just called them to talk about a $150 charge that they said I authorized when I deposited a check they had sent me that I NEVER deposited or even heard of. I don't understand how that is legal or how you get away with it.

A note of advice when the service agent at TLG sends you to the customer service membership cancellation automated message, make sure you hear that your membership is cancelled.

I called the first time and the voice message said nothing verifying my membership actually being cancelled. When I called back I told the lady this and she sent to another VM that in fact verified it.


I went on to book a ticket to Florida and after that i was charged 11.99 a month. I didn't realize until a yr.

later when i went through my bank statements. I have never accepted great fun since i have no use for it. I called them up and all they can say is i must of accepted there service to be charged. WTF......They canceled my membership and next month i better not see another charge.

I'm out of around 150 dollar that I'll prob will not see again. :sigh

Saransk, Mordovia, Russian Federation #16053

I travel 4 days a week for work and didn't realize I was being charged $11.99 per month since November 2007 on a credit card that I have not been using as I am paying it off.

My fault for not looking at the charges but I never authorized this charge. I payed off the total due and low and behold a charge is on my bill for $11.99. Not only that but my credit card company charged me a late fee because of this charge!

I called my credit card company and all they could tell me is that I've been charged since 11/07. I didn't even know the name of the company as it comes up on the bill as follows; TLG*GREATFN555... CT.

I am assuming the state is Connecticut because of the CT at the end of the charge on the card.

It is in dispute with my credit card company and they are calling this bogus company to get my money back

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