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I was checking my Bank Account this morning and found that some company called TLG Great Fun had charged my account $ 35.99 that i did not ok. I dont even know you or what they are you can reach them at 1-8002427771 if this happens to you.

This happened to me March 22nd, 2008 iam going to contact them on monday and tell them i want my money put back in my account or i will take them to court.

They just can't go around doing this to people and getting away with it. If this has happen to you, please contact me at help me fight back.

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My home was sold by litton and they will not tell me anything


I called them on the 6-10-10 and was being un-polite and rude on how they “stole” money out of my bank and told them I was going to call the law enforcement (home land) and whatever agency I could come up with, after 5 minutes (3 on hold) I got a reference number and they supposed to put the money back (will see). So my answer is don’t let them talk you into denying “your” money.


There was a charge on my credit card for 36 dollars. I called GF and a woman said they got my credit card information from footsmart. i never signed up for Great Fun, but apparently clicked on a coupon or perhaps fell for a phishig scam.


:( they have charged me for 2 months . i guess i was lucky but they have not refunded me my money .

why o they have so many phone numbers ?

and why caint i get the web site to load ? has anyone slse had that problem ?


these guys been taking 11.99 out of my account since may 2009 without my concent what can i do about it.


Finally found out who TLG GREAT FUN was, they have deducting 12.99 out of my bank account for two years. They said that they were affilated with Summer Bay Resorts where we have a time share.

Turns out none of it true. They gave me about five different ways that I had given them my info. Refused to give the money back but did say that they would cancel our account.

Is there anyone that knows a legal way to go after these guys. :(


I m also from March 2009, taking 11.99, I send mails to BOA but they wont help, I m at oversea working ( INDIA ) till March next year, I dont know what to do anyone help is my mail if you knows the way out of fraud ,

thank you


These guys have been charging my credit card on a monthly basis ($11.99). I called them and cancelled the service.

I was told that this company was affiliated with PRICELINE. Apparently they have linked something to priceline purchases that automatically signs you up for this "service."


TLG*GREATFN 866-630-1504 CT

The *** charged my credit card $11.99, too. It happened in Aug 25, 2009.

I called Capital One to dispute the charge yesterday. I found hundreds of people complains about the company when I googled but could not find any good service the company did.

The complaints went back as far as 2006. Couldn’t any one do something with this debase leech?


This happened to me and I have had it canceled once already a few months ago and I see they have billed me again this month I am calling them tomorrow and demanding that they give my money back and if they ever do it again I will have a lawsuit against them. I am mad about it.

Marietta, South Carolina, United States #62050

I was balancing my check book as well and found out the same thing. I called my bank and they're going to investigate this company and refund $38.99 to my account. I'm going to call and find out how they obtain my information as well.


I was charged $38.99 this morning on my credit card without my authorization on June 8. I took action immediately by calling my credit card to notice them that I was charged without my authorization.

Luckily, they cancelled my account and re-issue a new card.

However, I will call TLG*Fun later to find out how they get my account number and cancel it. Thanks for all the help and I am very appreciated that all of us reported the fraud.


Same thing just happened to me also! $39.99 on 10-23-08.

How do they get the card number? This has to be illegal!!



Same thing just happened to me also! 10-23-08 How do they get the card number? This has to be illegal!!


Sami, Kefallinia, Greece #27275


Brush, Colorado, United States #17142

i was charged by 11.99, i don't know anything about this charge, so strange. it really sucks...

i need to fight my money back. one more thing is how could they get my account?

Royal Palm Beach, Florida, United States #13494

They are charging me 11.99 and I don't live in USA. It happened in March and it is happening this month too. I got back the first 11.99 but how are they able to get my money again?

Detroit Beach, Michigan, United States #13435

I just got charged 11.99 on my personal debit card.... they are obviously ripping us off.

how can we stop them??

is there an agency that protects customers from fraud???? there has to be some kind of national agency for these purposes....

Rohrersville, Maryland, United States #13396

:upset Yes it happended to me on my capital one card two charges for $12.99 each.. they had to cancel my card a re issue a new one which took a really long time to do.. I had no idea where this place got my card

Iaeger, West Virginia, United States #11327

I was getting this *** too. Luckily, mine was on a pre-paid cc that I use to pay recurring bills that are always the same amount(cable, internet, etc...) The # listed with the charge 800-272-7771 is NOT TLG. I spole to a nice guy at that # said he was getting a lot of calls for this. He actually works for PNY memory. TLG can be reached at 800-290-8603. The lady was very polite and cancelled my account(which I had never signed up for or received the packet of info I should have gotten had I signed up). She even said it was mailed out in Februaury.

In any event, I guess I got lucky and never actually lost any funds.


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