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TLG deducted 11.99 from my checking acct. I did not sign up for this service.

I did get a telephone # to a buisness called Triegiant Corp. based in Norwalk Ct. 1-800-242-7771. I called and spoke to a woman named Jack she seemed hesitant to cancel the service but upon my insistance did do so.

This was a first time deduction so I did catch it early. They cancelled the service and said I would receive a refund. I also received a cancellation code.

I will monitor and write up an update. Cancel this as soon as you see the deduction.........

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I was giving them $12.99 a month for 4 months because I had a "Current" magazine coming to my house. Can you believe that one.

I finally will receive my full 4 month refund within 48 hours, and I definitely have all names and numbers to keep track of. Make sure you shredd everything also!!!!

Cannot be careful enough anymore. Take care!!!

Burton, Michigan


They got me too ! Thru priceline .com and then took 11.99 out of my cking account sent me this lil goofy pretend credit card which by the way is not good at any of the hotels i tried to use it at.i called and got a foreiner on the phone and demmanded they cancel this account got a cancelation code number and was assured the money would be retuned to my cking account!

I cant belive that these people are not shot for what they get away with......Pissed off and ready to choke the *** outa greatfun! Total scam rip off beaware freinds.........Tuckerton N.J.


Same thing happened to me...after I ordered AVON. i had to argue to get them to give me my money back and I had to file fraud charges with my bank

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