Elmwood, Wisconsin

I'm a single woman who works hard for my money.I don't apprecieate people taking from me.It's the same as STEALING. I TRULY HOPE YOU CAN LIVE WITH YOURSELF AND SLEEP GOOD AT NIGHT KNOWING THAT YOU ARE A THIEF.I've contacted a lawyer and hope too see you soon in court.The phone number is a bluff . You will be hearing from me soon,I 'M praying that evryone else who has ben hit by this scam will do the same .You need to be put were you belong in JAIL.Consumer affairs has also been informed.

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I got through and was able to cancel using this#: 877-709-0966

good luck

Middletown, New York, United States #5489

I agree with you...I never put a credit card # on the site... how did they get it?

this has been hitting my dept card that I NEVER use for online purchases.

The # on my statement doesn't work... what do i do?

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