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I have never heard of this company before. I called my bank this morning to find out about a transaction that was made and I find out that TLG Great Fun is taking $11.99 out of my bank account!

I did not authorize for this to happen and yet it is. I myself also have never heard of this company before and I am actually going to be calling them in about 2 minutes (8:58am EST) to resolve this matter and get my money back!

PLEASE if this happens to you, write a review about it and contact them at 1-800-242-7771. Help us stop this from happening to other people!

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New Waverly, Texas, United States #18636

I just discovered a $11.99 charge to my checking account. The charge was still pending so the customer service employee at the bank suggested I called TLG Great Fun.

The guy at TLG also asked me for my membership number, and I told him I didn't have one b/c I never subscribed to any clubs! Then he went on to ask for my phone number, name and address. I didn't want to give it to him but after all all that data is public access info. So I gave him my name and he pulled up my "account".

He said that back in May I had purchased some tickets from and that I had accepted some offer of 15% off on restaurant dining. I did not accept the offer, I never accept those deals, but I'm guessing the website captured my info including the debit card number. I just wanted my money back and that's what I told him - even though he kept insisting on the great deal I was getting. He said it'd take 10 to 15 days for the money to be refunded, and I hope so b/c otherwise I'm going to call back pretty pissed off!

Also, I canceled my debit card and I'm getting a new one issued by the bank.

So, do NOT BUY TICKETS FROM FANDANGO!! Yes, it was awesome to go watch Indiana Jones at midnight of the opening day, but not awesome enough as to have to taste my own bile due to how upsetting this was.


That is horrible, thanks for letting us all know. :)

Stilwell, Kansas, United States #13532

I checked my Bank and TLG great fun was charging me 12.99 for something that I never even authorized...I called my bank this morning and they told me to wait 'till the transaction then dispute it...They also told me to call the company if I want my money back faster...I called TLG and they wanted to have my membership number...I told them I don't have my membership number because I never even authorized this transaction...Then she went on to asking my last name and my address...Then that's where I stopped and told the lady that I'm not giving anymore personal information and she said that if I don't give her my address then she won't be able to pull up my membership number for me to get a refund...Why should I give my personal information when I never even authorized this amount? If this happens to you call your bank right away...and have them block your card because that's what I did....I ask the bank of how can they have information of my card they said they get from random through your card....So, be careful if you buy stuff from the this right away...I will wait for a couple of days and I will definitely dispute this...This should have not happened in the first place.... Thanks

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