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Today I was looking throught my sears mc card and to my card their was a 12.99 charge. I was my husband if he had used it and he said no.

So I looked for past sears bill and it showed how I was being charged this amount for the past 4 months. I tried calling Great fun , but they were closed. So, I tried calling sears and they told me that they have seen it before and they always refun the money back. And blamed it in JC Penny.

For some reason. So I closed my sears account and opened a new one. After the phone call I got on line and went to their fake web site . And to my shock sears is listed as one of the companies they make deals with.

Frist thing tomorrow Iam calling them and asking for my money back. And closing any accounts with sears , target and costco as they are too listed in the web site .

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