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I originally signed up because the first month was free and was told I would get a $50 rebate within a month of signing up!

I signed up in February, sent a rebate form back in March. I didn’t mind paying 1 month to recieve $50. By June, I still had not received my check. After months of calls, I was finally told my check had been sent back, yet they never informed me?

I was charged all my months up through June (but did get refunded after speaking with several tiers of management)

When I finally got the check in late June, it was dated for April. I deposited it but it bounced. Yes, bounced. I was charged a fee by my bank.

On the phone (yet again) with GF to get a new valid check plus the coverage of my fees and they are saying they can reissue a check but there is nothing they can do about the fees since I am the one who cashed an invalid check (that no one ever told me was invalid)

Obviously I have cancelled my membership.

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