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booked a motel in 3/13 and this telemarketer came on with the *** about this shoppers advantage BS I told them NO but since they had my card number they billed me anyway for three months plus $1 2x--they had promised to send a gas coupon etc and information which was never sent---never sent nothing never did nothing but bill me---sneaky telemarket scam--phoned credit card to dispute charges and if they do not get it right will cancel all transactions with B of A with whom I hold the credit card --- too many words you have to write for this thing

Monetary Loss: $53.

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Hello, my names mole and i work for the people who you are refering to. i sit all day and talk to people singing them up for these programs i know how its done and i know how it works so its plain for me to see what has happened to you.

you booked a room with a motel and were offered a cash back rebat for 30 $ if you wanted to hear more about it then the motel transfered you over to someone im my department and they said

Hi my name is _____ with great fun and thank you for calling about our special offer that is now even better than you thought how are you doing tonight.

you probly didt even realize you were no longer talking to the motel. you were offeren a 30 day trail mebership and aperently you agreed becuse. where your transered to me all i know is the compay that transfered you to me no credt card info not even your name. so then i get all your info your probly still thinking its the motel. then you have to give me a credit debit or check card in order for me to enroll u i dont have it untill you read it over the phone..i know it sucks. then comes the emal acoount and thats why u havent goten your rebates. theres an email in your inbox from great fun i'll bet two of them the first is the welcome message and the 2nd is ur rebates.

Now we come to the 2nd part of the scam shopers advantage.

its a totaly different service and the script is made to make it seem like the same thing but its not that hard to relize that its a 2nd service. i'll ask for the last four # of ur card and ask are the terms of both srevices clear? and then bam. were done and im on to the next sucker

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