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I needed to share with you how unbelievably frustrated I am with a company that you have partnered with to offer "deals" to YOUR customers purchasing tickets. In November, I purchased two tickets to Grace Potter at the Electric Factory in Philly. After my transaction was complete, an advertisement for Great Fun popped up promising a $25 rebate on the ticket purchase and a $25 voucher for a future Ticketmaster purchase. I called the number listed for these rebates and was told that for only $1 now, I could receive the $50 worth of rebates and could cancel anytime before my one month "FREE" trial was over and they would start charging me $9.99 per month. Well, the ONLY thing I received from Great Fun was about 3 or 4 different membership cards that were exactly the same. When I never received the rebates, I called the 800 number prior to the end of my free trial to cancel, to stop me from cancelling, they promised me the initial rebates PLUS $100 worth of rebates on top of that AND to extend my free trial. Well, when I STILL didn't get anything but ANOTHER membership in the mail, I checked my bank account. Not only had Great Fun been charging me $9.99 when they shouldn't have, but THEIR (unknown to me) sister company Shopper's Advantage had ALSO been charging me $9.99! Over $30.00 was fraudulently charged to my checking account and I NEVER received ANY of the coupons or rebates or bonuses they had promised. I just got off the phone after calling two separate numbers for (really) the same company to once and for all cancel my membership. They have now promised to refund all charges within the next 3-7 business days and have confirmed I will receive no further charges. However, it's difficult to believe them when they have been BS'ing me this entire time. If I do NOT receive a full refund, I may have to get a lawyer involved for all of this. I am definitely already going to go to the BBB.

I just thought you might like to know that your loyal customers are being scammed by a company that YOU agreed to support on your website. I was supposed to get rewarded for purchasing concert tickets, not get scammed, charged more and have my checking account information shared with unknown parties. I hope you investigate this further so something like this doesn't happen again.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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I just purchased three tickets through ticketliquidators and got the exact offer as described in this post, which I am not going to fall for.


Thanks for posting, I will avoid taking them up on their rebate! I hope you got your refund!


I am very disappointed in ticketmaster for being associated with a company called Great Fun discounts. They offer a $50 rebate when you purchase tickets.

We did this in July have never seen the rebate or information about our "Great Fun" membership. We have been charged $16.99 for the last three months on or visa with no benefits.

Ticketmaster has always been a great company to purchase through, but this experience makes me not want to use them ever again! Don't fall for the Great Fun offers!


2015 and they still are allowed to do the same. I am really disappointed at Ticketmaster for their support to that scam company.


Thank you for the warning. I just got a similar advertisement after purchasing phantom tickets.

It seemed too good to be true and therefore I googled the name. Glad I saw this post.

It saved me a huge headache. Sorry this happened to you:(



i signed up for the rebates, I listened to the sales agent clearly and asked her lots of questions. She was very nice & patient.

So after understanding everything, I gave her my info. Then she asked about another service called Shoppers Advantage. I declined, but I did ask her how does the gas work. She explained & I still said no thanks.

So she just said she was going to keep Great Fun. So I got my emails & my rebates were there. I sent everything in. One rebate per receipt.

So I sent in two receipts and two rebates. I did get my checks back in the mail, but it did take a while. I think it was 8 weeks. But it's okay cause now I have the money in my hand.

I went to Walmart to cash them & I'm happy about it. So this actually worked out well.

You just gotta make sure to ask a lot of questions and understand what's going. They're going to repeat themselves a lot so be patient and listen carefully.


all I can say about the rebate and great fun run!!!! do not do it.

I did the same with my Spirit airlines and was ripped off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sent in their forms never received a rebate. Called to cancel go the run around.

But that is ok because the card I use for online issues is a debit card I have to load, so they could not get the money. :)Never again!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #830320

Thanks for your review. I just booked a flight with Spirit Airlines & I got a pop-up for the Great Fun offer of two $50 rebates.

Offer sounded really good when I spoke to the agent, but I was Googling Great Fun while I was speaking with him and noticed all the negative reviews on Rip Off Reports and then I found this forum. Plus the agent was speaking in broken english which is a definite indication of a "boiler room" type overseas call center.

I see there are some good reviews on here, but the negative far outweigh the positive. So, I will keep my $1 for the trial membership and avoid the frustration.


I have good experience with Great Fun as well. We just have to read and understand the process well, submit the rebates following their rules, cancel on time, and use a little common sense.

I'm totally against people complaining against GreatFun while it is their own fault they lost money


I have been waiting to post about TLG great fun until I had all my information. On January 16, 2014 I ordered two tickets via ticketmaster.

At the end of my purchase, I saw the Great Fun offer. So I called. The man on the other end asked if I wanted to do the Great Fun membership for one month for just $1 and that I would receive TWO $50 rebates for my two ticket purchases on Ticketmaster. I said yes to the great fun membership.

He then proceeded to ask if I also wanted a Shopper's Advantage membership for 30 days for $1. I said no. On January 21, 2014 they emailed me the rebate applications. Upon receiving the two rebate applications (one for each ticket I purchased), I filled them out and mailed them both in the same envelope.

That same day I called Great Fun (I did have to wait 15 minutes before someone picked up on the other end). I cancelled my membership and I also asked to have a paper copy of the membership cancellation mailed to my home address (which I did receive about two weeks later). On February 10, 2014 I received only one $50 rebate check in the mail. The letter stated that I had to provide two copies of the ticket receipt to get both $50 rebates.

So, I called their rebate office. I explained that I had been informed that only one copy of the ticket receipt was necessary (I had been told that on the day I called to cancel my membership). The man I spoke to was very helpful and said "Ok, this is a one time thing. I will send you the second rebate in the mail.

I am sorry you were misinformed."

So, I will be one of the very few success stories with Great Fun. I made $99 for doing pretty much nothing. Now, I did check my bank account every single day (which I do anyways, its a good habit) to see if there were any odd charges. I also called my bank and informed them that if they saw a charge from TLG that it was not authorized.

If you do decide to take Great Fun up on their rebate offer, I support you because it turned out well for me. However, be careful to document when your membership ends and when you make phone calls to this company.

That way you have all your bases covered.

I will be posting this response on other forums criticizing Great Fun because I want people to know that I did not have an issue receiving the rebates.

to Kel #801348

I am nervous to send in the rebate with my ticket receipt. What did you send in as your ticket receipt?

to Kel #802923

I have good experience with Great Fun as well. We just have to read and understand the process well, submit the rebates following their rules, cancel on time, and use a little common sense.

I'm totally against people complaining against GreatFun while it is their own fault they lost money

to Kel #810746

hi Kel,

I just signed up for the $1 trial 10 minutes ago. I noticed that you said you cancelled your trial right after you mailed out the rebate documents?

I thought they said we need to wait until we get the rebate check to cancel the trail. Could you please explain this a little bit more?

to bug Makati, Manila, Philippines #822496

Hi bug,

Your trial period does not begins today, your membership period begins THE DAY YOU RECEIVE THE MEMBERSHIP materials. So what's the sense of cancelling the membership today if your membership period is not yet starting.

Pemberville, Ohio, United States #775378

I am wondering if anyone has heard anything back on this rebate situation? Did it work for anyone?

I have seen a couple of posts on yahoo ask where it has worked for people. I am in the process right now of submitting my rebate. Did you send the initial rebate form in?

My rebate form went to my spam folder- I remembered they mentioned something about it, and I went looking for it. I am trying to send my paperwork in now, but I need a member ID- that of course was not in the email, and now customer service is closed....I would love to hear any updates if it ever worked out!

Hartford, Connecticut, United States #755769

Thank you. I just bought from Ticketmaster, and saw this pop-up.

It looks like a scam, but it's linked directly from Ticketmaster. Would they really screw their customers like this? Evidently, yes, yes they will. I can't say I'm really surprised, just mad that I bought through them at all.

The event I'm seeing is local and I could have taken the half hour to drive to the venue and skip their fees.

Well that won't happen again. I can't support a company like this.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #671602

I just gave them all my information a couple hours ago! Ugh this sucks who should I call to fully cancel all this ***?

I had the exact same "Offers" should I call Serve American Express or Great Fun? my email manuel525@yahoo.com

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #629807

thank you for making the rest of us aware of this problem!!!!

Good luck

Dayton, Ohio, United States #620965

I wish I would have seen your message yesterday when I was signing up for their "rebate" stuff after buying some sporting event tickets. I will come back and update status if and when I find out whats happening with my information as well. :?


New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #618143

I applaud your message to TicketMasters regarding their affiliation with TLC. Perhaps you should contact them directly, if you haven't done so already. TLC is a great disservice to anyone who gets caught up in their web.

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