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Ok so first of all of all great fun is in a partnership with multiple business. People are ***.

Why would ticket master be associated with a scam? Second, when you sign up one of too things happen. Due to a prior lawsuit the company makes sure the customer is completely aware they re signing up. That's why the initial phone call signing process is extremely scripted.

When ever the customer says anything about rebates or the cost of the service we are required to read them the terms in full until they stop asking about it. Third, every call is listened to by quality monitors. If the sales rep does not repeated tell the customers the terms every time the customer brings it up the sale will be cancelled. The customer will not be charged the initial dollar, nor will they get an email letting them no it has been cancelled nor will they receive their membership materials.

I don't know why the customer isn't informed but they're not. Ok next, if the sale is successful the customers 1 dollar trial fee will be taken out of their account in 3-5 business days. Now once the 1 dollar has been billed they will receive their materials. When they get the materials by email it will take up to five business days to receive, regular mail takes 2-3 weeks.

Either way when the customer receives the info the trial starts. Ok so the email will come from service@greatfunsite.com. You will get to emails. The welcome email and then within 24 hours the link to the rebate forms.

With this info right here, you are free to cancel because you have to every thing you need for the rebate. Now you have to print the rebate form out and send it in to great fun along with the receipt from your purchase. Now the check takes 6-8 weeks to be mailed so shut up and be patient. Now, after you've signed up for great fun the sales rep with offer a second service.

Pay attention people don't sign yourself up or give affirmative answers if you do not want the second service. And you cannot be tricked because we ask for the card number again. So don't be pissed when you didn't *** listen and are charged 2 dollars instead of one. And second because it's a second service you need to call a different number to cancel the different service.

If you don't want to sign up simply say no. Now we are required to ask again so say no if you don't want. I sell great fun every day and I'm sick of people being dumb and calling it a scan because it's not. Nothing in the world is free so don't *** about paying a dollar when you DO get your money back.

Oh yeah and you can cancel your great fun membership on the site. And if you don't want to be billed the monthly fee, cancel DURING your *** 30 day trial period.

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HORRIBLE! Do not sign up thru great fun!

They will give you the run around so you have to pay another monthly membership. First, I did not ever receive my rebate email and when I called in.

Was transferred 4 times (over 2 hours on hold) and then finally I saw can you email me again I never received the rebate email and the guy said no I can mail it to you and it will take 10-14 business days! Do not waste your time doing this or signing up!

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1316972

pressured- and did not cancel when I first requested it, said everything was canceled and continued to deduct from my account. No "rebate" was emailed to me.

Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #1258132

what is the number to the second one?

Ballwin, Missouri, United States #1253171

I wish I had read this post sooner. I just signed up and wasn't thinking straight and wound up agreeing to the second service thinking it was just a reaffirmation of this first one.

I know I can cancel both but what if they don't cancel it?! OMG I want to *** kill myself.

How could I fall for this? I just wanted a rebate...

to Anonymous #1261698

Ok, I cancelled both memberships as soon as I could make an account online... but today Great Fun just sent me another email as though I was still signed up!

The email had no opt-out link anywhere on it, so I was forced to go back in to the account on their site which I thought wouldn't even work anymore... but it still does. All of my info is still there and everything. I couldn't find an option on there to opt out of their emails either.

I hit the "end membership" button again but I don't know why I bothered since it apparently didn't work the first time.

I'm going to call tomorrow to be sure that my membership is cancelled.

To the OP of this post: Sorry, but your company is indeed a scam if they're still pestering and even continuing to charge customers (according to other comments I've seen on here and elsewhere) after cancellation. It seems to be that I've been trapped and now getting out may be difficult.

Glendale, Arizona, United States #1229901

You need to learn a lesson. But life will teach you one.

You will have a bad life unless you change your attitude. You are a little weasel.

to Anonymous Chanhassen, Minnesota, United States #1232051

Just telling it how it is

to Anonymous Huntsville, Alabama, United States #1272067

No you're not. It isn't a scam per se.

But it is misleading, manipulative, pressure filled, and if I say no once, you *** listen to me. No means no. If I don't say it a second time you can just refer to my first no cos in goingtm to keep you on the phone whining about me not saying no the second time. I had one of you morons on the line for 10m trying to get me to say no to a second service.

It amused me.

Get a real job. You're tricking people with offers of a rebate that is rarely filled due to nonsense rules that exist solely to make it difficult to obtain, both this and the difficulty in ending the service, not that it's an actual service, rather it's a useless pay hole conceived by some *** who is hiring people like you who are too *** to do much else but read a script to people hoping they're inattentive enough to be fooled by people such as yourself who likely couldn't even graduate high school.

to Anonymous #1347851

Im 20 for one. I finished high school (you have to have a degree to work here, and lastly I get paid $13.75 plus commission, which is WAY over minimum wage just to read off a script thanks for your concern

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