First of all I would like to tell ever one not even check this outfit out, They are a bunch of lying thieves. They charged my debit card not once but twice for the amount of $19.99,they said that I had two accounts with them one with Great Fun and the other one was Great Fun shoppers.

Both accounts had been charged $19.99 each.So their THEIVES and kinda of *** to charge a account back to back charges,you have to be blind not to see this.

They even tried to give me a $100.00 to keep this account that I Don't know anything about,I said NO,Then they try ed to give a gas card ,,SAME ANSEWR NO NO NO Now what kinda of THEIVES try to give you something not to cancel, WHEN I NEVER HAD ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST

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