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I just noticed 9 pmts of 15.00 going to TLG GREATFN on my credit card account. I called and immediately asked for a supervisor.

When one got on the line I explained that I don't use this credit card often so hadn't noticed until now the 135.00 worth of charges. I let them know, nicely, that I had no idea I was signing up for this membership and that I wanted a FULL refund and the membership cancelled. The supervisor cancelled the membership, gave me a cancellation number, and offered to refund 8 pmts. I asked why not the entire amount and she capitulated and reimbursed me for the entire 135.00.

She handled my concerns professionally and reimbursed me 9 months of payments.

Whatever anyone says about how this company gets it's customers (opportunistic and sneaky) they are at least willing to reimburse wholly and have a very professional customer service team. So I'm happy.

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It's because they knew they were guilty of being opportunistic and sneaky.

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