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  • Customers like
    • Get rebates on fun things we like to do 3
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    • With timely rebates and great customer service 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Being ripped off 13
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Rip off!!! I called, was told first month was $1.00 and then $16.99 but could cancel after 30 days . Would receive my initial package in mail about Great Fun...never received. I called after 30days and was told since my credit card was only charged a$1.00 that i wasn't a member and I wouldn't get rebate of $ 60.00. Total scam! ! ! I followed the procedure and did my part , you would think you could do yours! ! Read more

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I just signed up for the great fun rebate after buying a plane ticket and had the same thing happen with the shoppers advantage secretly piggy backing onto it. Luckily I was typing notes while the lady rattled off the canned statements, and I noticed she gave me two different phone numbers to call to cancel. This i the only way I was able to catch it because she certainly did not explain that I was signing up for two things, and I was paying... Read more

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I was not given one refund because I did not attach two reciepts. Rip off

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I recently signed up for Great Fun after purchasing tickets from Ticketmaster. I was told I would receive two $30 vouchers. I never received any vouchers. However, I did receive confirmation that I signed up with Great Fun. I was told when I called Great Fun that they "tried" to send my vouchers on November 4 but it "bounced back." I do not believe that they attempted to send me anything since I received the original membership agreement. I have... Read more

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What in the heck is this? I don't understand this and I didn't ask for this service. I want to be removed from this service and will decline the charge. Do not charge my card again. I don't see how or where you got my card info. but, cease and desist right now. I called to get this removed and have been on hold now for 17 minutes. I'm calling my bank back to decline these charges. I do not appreciate sneaky transactions on my card. Unhappy... Read more

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I signed up for this service in October of 2014 and was promised a $50 Walmart gift card after completing an initial response postcard. Months came and went by, but i never received an initial response card much less a Walmart gift card even though i was still being charged membership fees! I called twice to inquire about the gift card, i was assured another would be sent and was even offered a lower membership rate on the second call which i... Read more

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I, too was promised lots of perks for joining. Haven't seen that yet. My package was to include 2 $20.00 rebates to use anywhere online. Yeah, right! The wording on the ticket(which I could only view online) was worded so weirdly that they made no sense at all! What a joke! This was the second time I signed up with them. The first time wasn't any better, but when they offer those perks up front like that, it's hard to resist. Well fool me once... Read more

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I was offered a $50 rebate from Great Fun after purchasing an airline ticket, with the deal being that I sign up for a membership with Great Fun. Since it was a free 30-day membership, I signed up and mailed in my rebate. I figured I would wait to cancel it until after I had received the rebate. I DID NOT receive it within the free 30-day period, and ended up having to pay for a month of the membership ($15). I finally received it just THREE... Read more

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Long story short , success. I Was about to finish up paying for tickets with spirit airline. Spirit sucks but I had a promo code for 88 dollar round trip tics to la from ny . With bags it was 150 a person . There was a link to get 40 dollars rebate , I clicked it and quickly researched "great fun". I found people saying they received thier money but you gata be in top of it by canceling and sending in your rebate form. As well as a bunch of... Read more

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I've called once to cancel to no avail. ...only signed up to get a rebate on an airline ticket! Paid more than rebate in fees & still haven't received it

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