TLG Great Fun is a to get refund.

TLG Great fun debited my checking account $12.99 without my knowledge.Beware of this on-line scam.

I had ordered business cards from and had put the order on my debit card. Some promo popped up from Great Fun. I kept trying to get out of it. They said that when I clicked on it that I signed up for a membership and they took my debit card # from my order with

I had no idea until it shows up on my on-line banking. To get it taken off and discontinued, call them at 1-877-488-9480. Demand a refund and a cancellation.

You have to be forceful with them.Good luck.

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Jun 17 #996477 Los Angeles, California

your lucky. they got me for $16.99 5 times before i noticed the transactions. got me from airline tickets purchased from cheapo air. had to make claim through my bank. great fun rep hung up on me when i called them to complain.

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Jun 04 #991667

Trying to get this stopped a second time!

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Jun 02 #990614

apparently you create two different accounts with these people. One being a trial account and then a second account is created which links your email address and credit or debit card (the scam they use for people to keep on paying even if they cancel the trial account). I followed the steps provided below and when an agent answered my call I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor without having to go through the agent. Probably won't get a refund as It probably is written in their disclaimer but definitely made sure they cancel the second account and confirmed that the account will be canceled as the calls are being recorded. Make sure to take down the Supervisors name and tell them that they are confirming the cancelation and if future charges are made they will be held liable. They confirmed that no more future charges will be made.

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May 27 #988671

They charge $16.99 per month since last May-2014. I called them to cancel at 05-22.Then they charge me again 05-26 of the same money. We did called the Bark to check how much they charge me. It was $175.00. And the Bark told us they have other bill pending. If they change again. The Bark will be go something.
My husband called the supervisor, He said will give the refund after 7 days. We will see. I will keep the note in here.

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May 12 #982899

These people are criminals. How the *** will they get my credit card information when I didn't give it to them? They have taken 19.99 from my credit on 5/11/2015. I will make sure they refund this money by any means.

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Feb 18 #947493 Bethany Beach, Delaware

I found a charge from this company on my father's checking account. Luckily the trial membership charge was only $1. My father is 90 and doesn't know how he got this membership, but when I called to cancel, the man gave me the sales pitch but when I asked him to cancel the membership, he did so quite willingly.
It was also convenient that the phone number to their customer service was on the bank statement, and they answered the phone with only a reasonable wait. Much better than some of the services I find on his statements.

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Jan 06 #926710

I just notice I have been scam the amount of $ 16.99 per month for nothing since 2012. I never received any literature from them. They do not issue a credit just give youy a cancelation. What is Better Business Bureau doing about this?

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Dec 26, 2014 #921502 East Wareham, Massachusetts

I emailed them demanding a refund and they gave me a cancellation number... What do I do with it?

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Nov 04, 2014 #895187

i tried to cancel several times but can't. now they are debiting twice a month.

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Oct 03, 2014 #879501

They tried to get me but I called and cancelled my debit card before they could get any money. They dont take No for an answer.Dont click on any rebate offers on your purchase. I was buying cell phone batterys from The Factory Outlet Store website for Samsung. BeWare you could be next, dont call that number for a rebate.

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Sep 30, 2014 #877840

Just found out my mom has been charged $11.99 every month for 61 months since September 2009 by TLG*GREATFN and it is now September 2014. That makes the total charges $731.39.
After researching online, I called the 1-877-488-9480 and the first agent I talked to said that they do not offer refunds and could only cancel my account and send some coupons. I told her I wouldn't trust a single coupon from them to not be another phishing attempt and I would accept nothing other than a full refund. She then transferred me to a different agent. The second agent said they could give me a 6mo refund, I refused and said I wanted a full refund. He put me on hold to speak with a supervisor, then said he could offer me a 12 mo refund. I refused again and said they hadn't scammed us for 12 months, they'd scammed us for 61 months and if I didn't get a full refund I would be joining the class action lawsuit against them. He put me on hold again and then finally said they would give me a full refund.
Apparently this is the process their agents are trained to follow. NEVER accept the initial 6 month or 12 month refunds if you were charged for a longer period of time.
ALWAYS ask for the agent's full name and agent code. I was told to wait 7-10 days to receive a cancellation letter in the mail and for the refund to process. I made it clear that I would hold the agent I talked to personally responsible if I did not receive the refund and obtained his agent code.

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Scotty B

Sep 02, 2014 #864484

Just found out I had been charged $16.99 since December 2012, and now it is September 2014. I called Great Fun and told them to cancel my memberships and provide proof in writing and mail to my address. A confirmation number is not enough to prove cancellation legally.
Also for refunds, discuss how you never agreed to their terms and conditions and that if not dealt to your satisfaction then a complaint through a lawsuit with Gilman Law LLP will happen. If they offer 6 months of refund then tell them they will hear from your credit card's executive office department and then they will offer 12 months of refund.
Don't let these bastards win.

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Aug 19, 2014 #858597

To cancel call 877-488-9480. Ask to speak to a Supervisor Directly, and let them know that you want to reach out to them first before to file a complain against the company for being a scam since you DID NOT approve the charges. Their tone changes and they refund you everything 100%. I should get my refund within 7 business days. I will keep you guys updated if i received it or not. If I forget to post back, it means I HAVE no complaints and they refunded me everything plus my late fee from my bank. Good luck!!!

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Jul 03, 2014 #835374 Daytona Beach, Florida

Just got off the phone with these Lame brains! I got sucked in when I got a $50 rebate off my flight in December. They have been charging me $16.99 ever since and I just noticed and did a little research. They are SCAMMERS, I called and cancelled before the POS 30 day trial was up. Here's the catch, the number they gave me to cancel was a different company then what they had enrolled me in. So I cancelled one membership when they had opened two. One was for Travelers advantage the second was for shoppers advantage. So when I called I skipped the first person (who barley spoke English) and told her no matter what she says I DEMAND to talk to a supervisor. after telling her that she could help me with nothing she finally transferred me to Samantha Smith a "supervisor". I told her about her company's fraudulent tactics and that I would be talking to a Lawyer about a Class action lawsuit. She apologized and told me that I had cancelled with travel advantage and not shopper advantage. I told her that I had nothing to do with shoppers advantage and that a fraud tactic like this would end up in ANOTHER $25 Million dollar lawsuit as this company already has undergone. I also told her that Cendant, the main company all these subsidiaries are working for, has a history of this type of fraudulent activity.
I really do not think that this is what she wanted to hear, That's why I was saying it. After saying this to her, and letting her be reassured that if she did not help me I WILL
... Show more

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May 17, 2014 #816122 Athens, Georgia

This is not true. I work for a company that sells this service and none of your debit card or credit card information is transferred over to us. You would have a provide us with that information before we inform you that if you don't call to cancel during your 30 day trial you will be billed a current mostly fee. So if you were billed it's because you agreed to be and didn't cancel.

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Apr 24 #976023

That is total bs. I called and cancelled both trial memberships i enrolled in and they still continue to charge me.

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Jun 17 #996333

I was billed for some trial *** that I never agreed to so yes the company does take our info from other sites and if I get charged again after I just called to tell them my bank plans to take legal action cause I did call my bank and let them know I didn't authorize it

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Mar 04, 2014 #791153

I clicked the rebate button at the bottom of a TigerDirect purchase. I called the number and hung up once I realized what was going on. I paid TigerDirect with Bitcoin, so I'd like to see Great Fun try to charge me without my consent :p . This is exactly what Bitcoin is for.

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Feb 07, 2014 #783260 Miami, Florida

If you have been scammed, report such to your bank (if applicable) or credit card company (if applicable), complain to the Better Business Bureau and check out this attorney firm which is looking into a class action lawsuit:

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Jan 30, 2014 #780237

got scammed too, after i realized they had been charging me for months I called and cancelled. Checked my statement months after and they were still taking 13.99 a month from me. *** those people!

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