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  • Customers like
    • Get rebates on fun things we like to do 4
    • Easy money 4
    • With timely rebates and great customer service 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Being ripped off 14
    • Shady business practice 8
    • Pressure 6

Great fun is legit. Signed up and after a few weeks cancelled and still got my $50 rebate! Noice. Add comment

I only signed up to get the rebate after buying tickets from Ticketmaster...after I agreed and signed up, then I googled Great fun..I was afraid after reading all the complaints that I wouldn't see the rebate check and I'd have problems cancelling...well, I cancelled without a problem and I just received 2, $30 rebate checks, just like they promised...seems like everyone complaining didn't understand what they were signing up for...all in all, a very good experience. If the opportunity came up, I'd sign up again and I'd probably recommend it... Read more

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Can't get my free spins. Keep saying bad connection. But my other games play fine.... Add comment

I want to know why I can't get my free spin....I've restarted my phone several times and it keeps saying not connected to server .I've tried my other games....what's up.... Add comment

We had a problem with a hotel we booked through one of the Expedia or Priceline type services and negotiated a refund. Two weeks later $38.99 started showing up every three months on my credit card. I don't remember signing up for this service and never used it. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't catch this for a year and a half and can only dispute the latest charge. (We use this credit card for mostly auto payment type expenses) I am currently out $194.95 for the older charges. My credit card will prevent any further charges. Just wanted... Read more

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Most people get signed up for great fun by phone usually after getting a pop up window about rebates. Pretty much anytime there is a pop up window know that it's not just going to be a rebate its a service you sign up for to get the rebate. One thing people don't understand is that rebate means mail in rebate. Its not instant. You are required to send in your receipt with the rebate forms. When calling great fun always be listening to the phone call. There is always a second offer. It's your own fault if you aren't listening to what is being... Read more

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We have nothing but good to say about Great Fun! We have gotten tickets to concerts, discounted meals and movie tickets. We had a problem that they had attached Shopper to our account, we called and they took all those charges off, including the 2 for the last 2 months and then they said they would lower our monthly charge for Great Fun to $4.95 and send us 4 gas coupons! We are very pleased and have used it for about 3 months now! We were very surprised to see so many upset people but maybe that is why they now bend over backwards to... Read more

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Their ad popped up while I was reserving a rental car on line. $50 cash back. Thought I'd try it. Talked to them on the phone to enroll. Understood all they told me ($1.00 for the first month, cancel at any time). Even though I called and cancelled my membership, and received a confirmation via email of my cancellation, they have continued to bill my Credit Card. I'm now working on getting a refund from them. I've no confidence that I will. Maybe the Attorney General will have better luck. We'll see how that goes. Miserable people... Read more

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After buying tickets for Toruk (Cirque Du Soleil) show in Miami...I called the 800 # to inquire what this was about. I made it very clear I AM NOT INTERESTED. I am using this review as a deterrent for future possible fraudulent it seems this company is notorious for. Sure enough, as I did my research...complaint after complaint. It amazes me how some people sleep at night while ripping off others. Again....NOT INTERESTED! For the record, getting off the phone was a task, without finally having to get rude. I tried being polite... Read more

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Son used my credit card to purchase concert tickets on line. Pop up after purchase for a $40 rebate "call this number". Son called, signed up for one month trial membership with Great Fun for $1, but, of course, had to give my credit card # first. Then I had him call to cancel and they were unable to cancel because he "wasn't in the system yet". Really? I bet my credit card is "in your system". I called credit card and cancelled card. Good luck Great Fun. Read more

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